Monday, March 30, 2015

Gracias a que El Vive!‏ - Because He Lives

Hola everyone!

So this week went well... We had been planning on having a baptism, but it fell through. :/  But, the elders in my ward still had a baptism, and that went super well!  
We also got to watch the women's session of General Conference and that went well as well, I got to watch it in another room in English, yay!  

Today we were able to have our district activity which is always fun!  A little soccer, and we always cook.  Carne asada, cubitos, salsas, agua de jamaica.. the usual. 

Haha this email will be really short... I don't have much to say, BUT I am doing very well.  These past few weeks we have been dropping a lot of investigators, but that just gives us more time to find those who are prepared to listen to our message, and are going to progress in the church.  Our new family we found is doing well, they have their own trials right now, but all of the kids went to church yesterday, and are progressing very well.  

One quick experience, we went with a less active family to share a lesson, and we didn't know exactly what we were going to teach.  The dad just left them, and the mom had been looking for a solution but hadn't quite found an answer.  So we decided to say a prayer, and ask God specifically for an answer, and we opened up the Book of Mormon in a random page and was exactly what the mom needed to hear.  

This past week started an initiative that is called 'Gracias a que El Vive', and talks all about the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.  I don't know what the page is in english.. but in Spanish it is  and even though the video is only 1.5 minutes, it is amazing.  

I know that Jesus lives, and because HE LIVES, we all can find the solutions to our problems.  We can be happy here on the earth, and even though we all pass through trials, problems, and hardships, the fact that He lives, means that we all will live again.  But even better than that, if we are obediente to His commandments while here on the earth, after this life we will live in His presence, with our families forever. 

Everyone, go watch General Conference this week!  I am very excited as well, and know that you will receive the answers that you need to whatever problem you have.  

Love you all!
Hermana Zimmerman
 the dogs here are pretty friendly.
 Selfie from last sunday when a family went with us to share lessons. :)
THE DISTRICT.  Today we had our district activity with the usual -food and soccer. (my team won...) :)


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