Monday, April 6, 2015

Otro Año Ha Pasado... (Another year has passed..)‏

Wow.  That was fast, and I can't believe that I only have 6 months left.  But...

This week was great! I don't really know where to begin.. 
quick update on the family M.T.  We used up the vacations and visited them every day this past week, and they are all doing great!  The whole family went to conference for the Saturday Afternoon session, and then watched a baptism of the STL's, and loved it all.  Then in the night we went to visit them, but 15 minutes before we got there the dad had left super angry.  And his family was worried he was going to go drink again.. so we taught a quick lesson, and then when we got back to our house, they called us, and everything was fine, he didn't drink!  :) And all are staying strong with the Word of Wisdom even though the dad has had a problem drinking, and the while family has been drinking coffee, when we invited them to stop, they all accepted!  And yesterday we went to visit them again, and the dad told us that in the morning as he was out walking one of his friends passed by and offered him a ride.  So he got in, and his friend went and bought alcohol, and offered him some, but he said 'No, Thanks.'  and his friend was just like .. 'whaat?? Since when?'  And then offered him a cigarette and he said no again!  WOOHOO!!! But then the mom said 'oops!!! I had a cup of coffee...' and all of the kids- 'mom!'  Her response, 'I'm going to go pray and ask God for forgiveness, and I won't do it again.'  Wow. :)  I love them!  
Another quick story was when we taught them about 'God is our Heavenly Father' we sang 'I am a Child of God' and after we asked them what did they like most, and the oldest said 'Soy un hijo de Dios.  Porque es cierto.'  or.. I am a child of God, and that is very true.  I know that we are all children of God, and that has a very significant meaning.  He is our Father, and He loves us more than we can even imagine.  

One last quick story.. We have been teaching a youth as of a few weeks ago, but haven't been quite sure if we should keep going, because her parents aren't married, and don't want to get married.  But every time we go I feel a peace.  We went this past week and she (hna. S.) told us that she prayed and received an answer, that this is true.  Something we hadn't even excepted.. and then yesterday the whole family was going to go!  (and a few of the members haven't been very receptive), so we planned that we were going to pass by at 1:30, but then we didn't know that yesterday was the change of hours.. (horario.. haha), and we didnt have any credit in our cell phone, so we passed by an hour late, and they had all changed and then didn't want to come.  But Hna. S. came with her friend.  But we will be working more with them. 

Then, another miracle-  on saturday we met a young woman Hna. L. at the morning session of Gen. Conf., and she was very nice, and than later the elders told us she lived in our area!  She also came yesterday to another session of conference.  Anyway, she is so prepared to hear the Gospel, she has had a few trials as we all have, but has 2 little girls, and is amazing.  

Conference was also so good!  Unfortunately for the 2 morning sessions the internet was a little slow so we didn't get to listen to everything, but what we did listen to was amazing!  And I will just read the other talks later.. :) 

Well, I continue to learn, study, and grow in the Gospel, and am looking forward to dedicating myself these last 6 months. 

love you all! 
Hermana Zimmerman
one year in the mish.  ALso it was super nice, my comp woke up early and made a cake and the poster!!!
 I received 4 packages!! I was so  happy:D
 Conference!! From a nice little room with air conditioning. :)
 Helping out with the Ward Relief Society Activity! 
 quick selfie in front of our house after the Zone Conference!
One of my favorite families!


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