Monday, April 13, 2015

changes.... yikes!‏

Hey everyone!!

Haha wow, I am going to be real quick... so I had transfers!  Not much of a surpirse, but I was actually very sad to leave Lazaro Cardenas.. but I finally made it to Guadalajara!  Woohoo!  It is already a lot cooler here than Lazaro, and I am very grateful I made it just in time before it got really hot.  

But we had some amazing miracles this past week!  

So basically we have always been working with a less active familiy Hna. V. and Hna. E.  and their family.  On tuesday we went to visit them and as we were leaving the mom said, 'Thanks for not forgetting about us.  It seems that we are blessed, because even though we have been inactive for such a long time, the missionaries always seem to find us.  Thank you so much.'  It gave me such a good feeling.  And then we visited them again on Saturday to remind them to go to church, and it turned out that yesterday THEY CAME!!!!!! The first time in about 4 years.  Then later after church our bishop told us- 'Thank you both for the work you are doing.  Hna. V. hasn't been to church in forever, and I know it is because of the work that you have done that they could come to church today.'  And said that we are 'potent missioneraries'. :)  Then before the day ended we went to say goodbye to them, because I was leaving, and they are excited to get activated back in the church, by reading the book of mormon daily... and i am super happy for them.

Other note, the family all went to church today!!! (the first time the whole family went together, to a normal day of church), and they loved it all.  Then after church when I told them I might be leaving they all started crying... :(  I really feel so blessed to have been there to find them and begin their teaching.  Maybe I will not be there for when they get baptized, BUT I for sure will be there in a year when they go to the temple. :)  

So I am very sad to leave my Palmitas, I feel very blessed to have met everyone there.. and I definitely cried when I left.... 

In other news.... I am now opening an area in Guadalajara, and am training... we left yesterday night at 1 in the morning... and had training today, but my comp is great, and I just hope I don't mess up... :)  Her name is Hermana Lopez, and is from Oaxaca!  I will send a pic next week when there is more peace.. and I have more time.  

But I am excited to be in a new area, and to be in fresh area for the first time in 6 months... 

I hope you all have a great week!!! Love you!

Herrmana Zimmerman

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