Monday, August 25, 2014

Como Estas? Yo Soy una misionera...‏ week 20

Dearest friends and family,
Hola!  This week was more interesting than not.  No, not really.  But as of right now in the mission I hadn't had anyone that told us that they didn't want us to visit them anymore.  Well, this week we had 3.  One is a man who one day we were walking and he started talking to us and wanted to hear our message.  So we were super excited 'wow, a golden investigator!'  But after our first lesson he called us and said his family had problems with him listening to our message.. :(  Then we had another new lesson with two young teens, and they were both very receptive, and said they would come to church, but then they didn't show.. so we called them to visit them last night and they said that because their dad is Christian, he didn't want us to visit them anymore. :/  So it was kind of weird, we got a lot of new investigators, but then at the same time got dropped by a few others... Bit of a downer.  
But, this week we had 2 of our investigators come to church!  One always comes, and is honestly progressing.  Hno. V (because I'm going to talk about another V but a girl), but he won't accept a baptismal date.  He assists every Sunday, and has now been to church at least I think 8 times.. and is attending institute, and everything!!  He's a little frustrating. :)  
Then we have Hna. V.  She is just pretty funny :)  She said she would come with us to church last sunday, but got called in to work early so couldn't make it.  But then this past week we taught her 'keep the Sabbath Day Holy', so we asked her what she would do in order to follow Jesus Christ.  Her answer was 'well.. get baptized.. read the Book of Mormon... and don't work on Sundays so we can go to church...'  haha she understands exactly what she needs to do :)  Because she works every day except for thursdays, but she said she would come this past sunday!  So, when we arrived at church we receieved a text from her saying 'don't worry, I'm coming to church!'  So yes, she was at church this Sunday. :)  In the 2nd hour, the class Principles of the Gospel, we talked about the Word of Wisdom.  The entire time she kept nodding her head, and would ask me questions all secrative.. such as 'Is he the Pastor?'  or 'Yep!  I read that in the Book of Mormon'  or would say 'yep, we shouldn't drink alcohol.'  is just funny.  :)  She also told us in our second lesson that she saw Jesus one night in her room.... 
We also have two investigators that 'aren't investigators' because they aren't married.. but the boyfriend is leaving to Guadalajara today I think for a few weeks or something, so my comp and I are hopefully going to put a baptismal date for the mom :)  haha oh Mexico..
Well, that was basically my week!  I'm still alive, it rains every night, and I'm not going to eat any sugar this week.  No just kidding, I can't promise that. :)

Love you all!
Hermana Zimmerman
 We went to Morelia last Monday for P-day, and this is a pretty cool Cathedral that I liked :)
 Juice Box- Missionary Size 
This is what you get when you leave 2 ties in a Christmas stocking in the house of sister missionaries... haha 'Elders Zimmerman and Moncada' :)
To be honest I felt like i was back at Brick Oven for a few minutes :)

Monday, August 18, 2014

Faith, is knowing...:) week 19

One more week went by.. haha it's kind of wierd how the days are starting to blend a little bit. One day is monday, and the next we are in church on Sunday, and then we start all over!

It seems that ever week we have interesting experiences.  This week we had a ton of new lessons in order to have new investigators.  3 new lessons that we had went super well, but 3 or more we aren't going to revisit... haha :)  
In one lesson we were with C. and S.  They are a couple but aren't married, and have 2 kids.  We contacted them in the street, and the same day we went to visit their house, and they were very welcoming to us.  It was pretty funny, because the husband really knows a lot, so sometimes his wife wouldn't understand certain things so he would explain perfectly. For example, his wife has a little conflict with one of the members in the ward, because we invited her to the Relief Society activity, but she was nervous because of this member.  So her husband said 'listen, this isn't an activity with the member, this is an activity with God.'  Or basically that this Gospel, or the covenants that we make aren't with the members, they are with God.  IT WAS PERFECT!  We had a few other lessons with them, and every time we visit they are very attentive, ask questions, and are just super awesome.  Unfortunately they aren't married.. but we are working on that also. :)

Another day we had a lesson with a young girl J. (15 years old) and a few members of her family L (11 years old)  and her grandma.  In the lesson we invited them to be baptized and at first none of them really accepted, but in walked another member of the family E. (14 years old).  So my companion explained that we were talking about baptism, and how we follow Jesus Christ. Then said 'E, will you follow the example of Jesus and be baptized?'  He said 'yes.' Then we put a date for the baptism, and he also said yes!  It was awesome, he wasn't even there for the majority of the lesson.  Then we explained more about what we are going to teach, and invited them to be baptized again, and L accepted with enthusiam 'yes, I want to be baptized!'.  And we invited them to church and L once again said 'yes, i want to go!'.  We also left them with a few copies of the Book of Mormon so that they could read, and I told L he could put his name in the book, so he said 'In pencil or in pen??'  Well, whatever you want. :)  Unfortunately we only had one lesson with them and they couldn't come to church, but we are going to visit them today!  

One last lesson that we had was with a mom E.  We contacted her son in the street a few months ago, and a few weeks ago I was walking with my old comp and he said 'Hermana Garcia!'.  We were kind of shocked, but talked with him, and remembered us and said we gave his dad a book.  So we gave him (A.) another copy of the BoM, and we tried to visit him and his family a few times, but weren't there.  But finally yesterday we had a lesson with his mom, and at first she was pretty reluctant.  She said 'well, A. has a lot of questions about the book (because he's reading it :)) and I'm just not really sure about religion.  I believe in God, and was baptized in the Catholic church, but I don't believe in that religion.'  So we went on to explain a little bit about our message and slowly, she opened up, started smiling a lot and we have another lesson scheduled with her. :)  She is also seperated right now from her husband for about 1 and a half years, and basically I felt the spirit super strong in the lesson.  I don't remember exactly what we said, but it was awesome, and when we left she said 'thank you so much for coming!'  It was a very rewarding feeling. :)  

I haven't quite realized this yet, but with my new comp I've started to realize that my area is a little different than others.  We received a lot of rejectio this last week, but overall, the new people we met were awesome, and I really hope they all can progress to baptism. :)

This week in my personal study I had a little epiphany.. I was reading in Alma 49, about how Moroni prepared his army for the Lamanites.  In the first part it explains how they knew that the Lamanites were going to come, so they started with their weakest cities in order to make them strong.  So when the Lamanites went to attack the city of Ammonihah, they were astounded and they retreated.  Later the Lamanites decided to attack another city of Noah (vs. 14).  So then when the Lamanites went to attack the 'weakest' city of the Lamanites, they also couldn't do anything.  
So question... What are some of YOUR weaknesses?  And what can you do to strengthen them so that when the adversary comes, you will be prepared to stand against him and all of his forces?  We all have our own weaknesses, but just like Moroni did- we can have a plan.  We know that the adversary knows our weaknesses, and that is what he targets.  Because we know this WE CAN PREPARE.  
 20 Thus they were prepared, yea, body of their strongest men,with their swords and their slings, to smite down all who shouldattempt to come into their place of security by the place ofentranceand thus were they prepared to defend themselvesagainst the Lamanites.
 21 And it came to pass that the captains of the Lamanites broughtup their armies before the place of entrance, and began to contendwith the Nephites, to get into their place of security; but behold,they were driven back from time to time, insomuch that they wereslain with an immense slaughter.
So my challenge to all of you who read this, is to find one of your weaknesses, and then make it strong.    
Ether 12: 27 And if men come unto me will show unto them their weaknessgive unto men weakness that they may be humble;and my grace is sufficient for all men that humble themselvesbefore me; for if they humble themselves before me, and havefaith in me, then will make weak things become strong untothem.

So if your faith is weak, make it strong.  So that when the adversary comes with all of his torrents, his power, and in all his might, he will not have any power over us if we are prepared.  Also, one last scripture- 'Now is the time to prepare to meet God.' (haha I don't remember where that is...)  

Know that if we focus our lives on the Gospel, if Jesus Christ is our Rock (Helaman 12:5)  WE WILL NOT FALL. 

Love you all, the church is true, and I can eat at least 10 tacos in 45 minutes.  Read Alma 49

Hermana Zimmerman ;)
 our makeshift strainer for mac and cheese last p-day :)

 my comp and I :)
Te amo (whoever you are)  haha :)
my comp and i bought matching dresses last week and wore them as skirts on Sunday :) The ward thought we were a little weird...

Monday, August 11, 2014

Week 18 -

Ok, so this week we had a zone conference, and in the zone conference we receieved permission to visit the temple!!!!! HOLY COW I AM SO EXCITED!!!!! haha, before we weren't allowed to visit the temple, unless our converts got sealed in the temple and we were invited to their sealing, but we just received permission, so I will have the chance to go to the temple!  I'm not sure when, but at least one time in my mission I will be able to go :)
This week with Hermana Moncada has been great!  I love working with her, she is a great teacher, we get along, she has a great sense of humor, and we are working. 
This week we had a few interesting experiences.  So I'll share with you all 2 lessons we had.  Funny first :)
We had a lesson with an investigator (now an antiguo investigador) (haha) Hermano R.  He and his wife on a store where they sell bread, (my goal is to convert all of the panelerias or bread store (with donuts and bread that has chocolate, stuff like that))  and this was our 3rd lesson.  He is very strong in his religion, and knows the Bible very well.  So when we first arrived we asked if we could start with a prayer, and asked which of us he would like to give the prayer.  He said 'both of you', and we said 'well, you can choose one of us'.  And he said, 'well fine, all three of us.'  He wanted us all to pray at the same time, so we were all talking.  We didn't really quite know what to say.. but we kept saying, 'well, if we are all talking we won't be able to hear what you are saying..' it was pretty funny, in the end my comp just said 'I will pray.'  Then in the lesson he has a bunch of questions about the Book of Mormon.  He read the introduction, and because it says that Moroni appeared to Joseph Smith, he thought that he was Jesus Christ (because Moroni appeared to him in a form resurrected).  And basically any time we tried to read with him a part of the Book of Mormon, for example we read a part in Nephi that talks about the bible coming forth out of the mouth of a Jew.  So he said that Nephi was racist... and stuff like that.  We finally decided to leave and asked if he would say the closing prayer, so he said of course.  (oh, he also believes that God, Jesus, and the Holy Ghost are one person)  So in his prayer he prayed to Jesus, the Eternal Father, and asked to give us (the missionaries) understanding, and guidance so that we can know the truth.  Also he called us 'Hermana Z and Hermana Moncada'.  Haha he couldn't say my name.. so that was pretty funny.  But any lesson we had with him he offered us free bread, so I did get a few donuts :) 
The other lesson we had with V.  V. is awesome, and is really interested in the church.  He has already been to church 8 times, but won't accept a baptismal date.  He also has a piercing that he doesn't want to take out, but during the lesson he took it out for a lot of the time, and also in church yesterday he took it out for a bit while we were talking!  So he is progressing, we just have to figure out how to get him to the baptismal font... haha just kidding, but he really is SO ready!  It's a little frustrating, but we have another meeting with him tomorrow. :)  In this lesson we talked abou the Atonement of Jesus Christ, and I think it really touched him.  He actually started to answer our questions, when usually his answers are (I don't know, who knows?' Answers like that. 
I want to finish this weekly letter with a scripture that I like.. Moroni 7:26
16 For behold, the Spirit of Christ is given to every man, that he may know good from evil; wherefore, I show unto you the way to judge; for every thing which inviteth to do good, and to persuade to believe in Christ, is sent forth by the power and gift of Christ; wherefore ye may know with a perfect knowledge it is of God.
Sometimes in life we don't know what to say when we share the Gospel, or in any situation.  We don't think that 'we have the knowledge' or that we can't feel the Holy Ghost.  Which is why I like this scripture a lot, because it says that the Spirt of Christ is given to every man.  Not just me, or not just for certain people.  All of us have the Spirit of Christ.  When we are baptized we receieve the Holy Ghost with us as a constant companion, but before baptism we can still feel the Holy Ghost, because we have the Spirt of Christ. 
I also like a latter scripture: 
 33 And Christ hath said: If ye will have faith in me ye shall have power to do whatsoever thing is expedient in me.
If we have faith in Christ, whatsoever thing we need to do in life can be fixed, or whatsoever challenge can be overcome, or whatever decision we need to make can be made if we have faith in Christ. 
I love you all tons, and hope you all have a great week! :)  And pray that I don't gain weight.. haha just kidding :)
Hermana Zimmerman
Sorry, only one pic this week!  I tried this fruit yesterday with some members, and they had me scared.  It's the fruit of a cactus, and they kept saying, 'don't worry, it's not too hot!'  and stuff like that, but it was basically like watermelon, watery.  But not with the same taste..
yummy cactus?!

Monday, August 4, 2014

Time for Change

Haha I really should stop trying to come up with creatve titles for my letters, because they just aren't working...
But here I am, still in my area, but with a new companion Hermana Moncada!!! :) She is awesome, funny, nice, and I can already tell that she is a hard worker.. haha as of the past 4 hours that I know her.
This past week in my area my comp and I worked super hard to find new people to teach.  We ended up talking with the most people we have yet in our area, and recieved their addresses so that we can teach them!  We tried to contact a few of them last week also, but it turns out that some of the houses didn't exist... haha :)  
On Wednesday we had divisions with our Sister-trainng leaders whch was awesome!  I had the opportunity to be in the area of the trainng leaders, and really enjoyed my time there.  The ward was super friendly, we did some service with our zone leaders, had a few interesting lessons, and really just had an awesome time.  Hermana Christen is an awesome missionary :)
Because this last week was the last week with my companion, I really just want to say that I am very grateful for all of the things I learned from my comp.  She really is a hard worker, has a strong heart and desire to serve, and is very humble.  Together we worked hard, learned a lot, and had success.  
I am still in my area (like I already said), my companion is from the state of Mexico, has 3 sisters, and has 3 more months in the mission than I have.  And I really look forward to getting to know her better!  
This sunday was a little sad, none of our investigators showed up.. And we have such promising investigators, especially a young family who said more than once that they would come to to church, but didn't show.  :(  But all is well, and this change will be fun!  
Geez, I don't know why I always forget what happened in the week to tell you all... but, IM DONE WITH TRAINING!!! Haha I feel like I am officaly a missionary!  Also, I forgot to mention, last Sunday, the bishop and ward mission leader thought it would be a good idea to have a 'missionary sacrament meeting' so all of us missionaries spoke, and I SANG.  Holy cow, was I nervous. Originally it was just going to be me singing, but it was all of us (4 missonaries) and the ward mission leader singing the first verse of I Beleve in Christ (I think... hahaha) and I sang the last verse in English.  It was very nerve-wracking for me, but I did it!  And I hope I don't have to do it agan... just kidding, but it was a once in a lifetime experience :)

Love you all, and I'm off to a new start!
Hermana Zimmerman :)
 splits with Hermana Christen
my new comp Hermana Moncada!
one of the last photos with Hermana Garcia!