Monday, August 25, 2014

Como Estas? Yo Soy una misionera...‏ week 20

Dearest friends and family,
Hola!  This week was more interesting than not.  No, not really.  But as of right now in the mission I hadn't had anyone that told us that they didn't want us to visit them anymore.  Well, this week we had 3.  One is a man who one day we were walking and he started talking to us and wanted to hear our message.  So we were super excited 'wow, a golden investigator!'  But after our first lesson he called us and said his family had problems with him listening to our message.. :(  Then we had another new lesson with two young teens, and they were both very receptive, and said they would come to church, but then they didn't show.. so we called them to visit them last night and they said that because their dad is Christian, he didn't want us to visit them anymore. :/  So it was kind of weird, we got a lot of new investigators, but then at the same time got dropped by a few others... Bit of a downer.  
But, this week we had 2 of our investigators come to church!  One always comes, and is honestly progressing.  Hno. V (because I'm going to talk about another V but a girl), but he won't accept a baptismal date.  He assists every Sunday, and has now been to church at least I think 8 times.. and is attending institute, and everything!!  He's a little frustrating. :)  
Then we have Hna. V.  She is just pretty funny :)  She said she would come with us to church last sunday, but got called in to work early so couldn't make it.  But then this past week we taught her 'keep the Sabbath Day Holy', so we asked her what she would do in order to follow Jesus Christ.  Her answer was 'well.. get baptized.. read the Book of Mormon... and don't work on Sundays so we can go to church...'  haha she understands exactly what she needs to do :)  Because she works every day except for thursdays, but she said she would come this past sunday!  So, when we arrived at church we receieved a text from her saying 'don't worry, I'm coming to church!'  So yes, she was at church this Sunday. :)  In the 2nd hour, the class Principles of the Gospel, we talked about the Word of Wisdom.  The entire time she kept nodding her head, and would ask me questions all secrative.. such as 'Is he the Pastor?'  or 'Yep!  I read that in the Book of Mormon'  or would say 'yep, we shouldn't drink alcohol.'  is just funny.  :)  She also told us in our second lesson that she saw Jesus one night in her room.... 
We also have two investigators that 'aren't investigators' because they aren't married.. but the boyfriend is leaving to Guadalajara today I think for a few weeks or something, so my comp and I are hopefully going to put a baptismal date for the mom :)  haha oh Mexico..
Well, that was basically my week!  I'm still alive, it rains every night, and I'm not going to eat any sugar this week.  No just kidding, I can't promise that. :)

Love you all!
Hermana Zimmerman
 We went to Morelia last Monday for P-day, and this is a pretty cool Cathedral that I liked :)
 Juice Box- Missionary Size 
This is what you get when you leave 2 ties in a Christmas stocking in the house of sister missionaries... haha 'Elders Zimmerman and Moncada' :)
To be honest I felt like i was back at Brick Oven for a few minutes :)

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