Monday, September 1, 2014

Casi logro 5 meses... (I've almost completed 5 months!)‏ week 21

At least I hope that is how my 'subject' translates... haha :)
This week was pretty good!  We've been trying to have more lessons with the members, so this week we had 4!! Woohoo!! :)  Haha the 'key indicators' for the mission are a lot more than 4 each week... but we are working on it. 
This week we had a few more new lessons with future investigators, but out of the 7, only one accepted a baptismal date (we invite everyone in the first meeting to be baptized).  Also, something that I've come to a conclusion here is that everyone is Catholic, and if they aren't Catholic, they don't have a religion.  No, not really, but it seems like it a lot.  And what is pretty funny is that in my area is a Catholic school called 'semenario'  and so a lot of times when we talk with the people and say we are missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ they always say 'oh, from Semenario?' And we say 'no..'  and they say 'ohhhh.... well we are Catholic..' and then yeah.  
For expample, one new lesson that we had this week, I was scared that is was going to go south.  We started talking about religion, and the woman said upfront- 'Listen, I'm Catholic...'  but then started listing off a bunch of things that she didn't believe that the Catholics do.  So all was well, and she asked for a Book of Mormon!  But she is living with another man, so she can't have a baptismal date (she isn't living the Law of Chastity), so we talked to her about it and she said if her boyfriend doesn't want to get married, she'll drop him. :)  She also said she would be at church, but she wasn't there... However, we have a meeting for Wednesday!

The best part of this week probably was that we had 109 at sacrament meeting!! Woohoo!! When I first got here the assistence was about 75.  We have been working hard with a few less-active members, that did show up to church, and also we had 4, FOUR!! investigators at church :)  What was even better is that one of them is Hermano R.  Usually when we went to go teach him he was drunk.. but understood a lot :)  Well, he showed up to church, and we didn't even recognize him!  He called out to us 'Hermanas!'  and then we realized it was him.  Dressed pretty nice, his hair cut (more than before), and was all 'didn't recognize me did you?  I've changed.'  Oh boy it was great to see him there :)  Unfortunately we didn't have a lesson with him last week, and we can't this week because he is going to be in Morelia all week, but he is doing very well.  :)  

With everything else, besides the investigators, I feel that I am changing.  Becoming a different person.  Which is pretty weird, because before the mission I felt that I was a 'good person'.  I'm not saying that I wasn't a good person, but I can already feel a change.  That's what the mission does to us I guess.  But it is a change for the better.  To make better our strengths, and to help us with our weaknesses change, and not do the things that are keeping us from progressing.  At least that is how I feel.  So my advice right now is for those people who are considering going on a mission.  In reality, yes it is hard some days.  But the things I have learned in the past 5 months (almost ;)) will affect me for the rest of my life.  

Also, I couldn't count them all, but right now I think I have about 15 mosquito bites in each leg... Fun Fact.  :)  Also, we fixed our water, so we are going to have hot water and not have to use buckets!!! If we buy a shower head today. :)  

Hermana Zimmerman
 We found a new way of Transportation.. but I'm not sure if my Mission President would approve.. #MyCompanionWeighsATon  #JustKidding ;)
 My comp and I in Morelia for a Meeting with the President!

My Frog Prince.  Of course we didn't kiss, that's against mission rules. (look closely on my hand)


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