Monday, September 8, 2014

5 Months- Check!‏ Week 22

Querido familia y amigos,
Hola!  So this week our numbers were pretty bad... haha not because we were lazy, but for 2 days my companion got called to go to Guadalajara as a special invitation for a Leadership Meeting, and I was in Prados Verdes for 2 days with other Hermanas.  My time there was great, but their house.. oh man, they don't have hot water, so we showered with freezing cold water!  They don't like to heat up the water.. so I felt like I was back at Oakrest showering with frigid water.  But it was only for 2 days. :)  
News Update- WE HAVE HOT WATER AND A SHOWER HEAD!!!  Woohoo!  Just short of 4 months in Mexico, we fixed our shower, and I had my first normal shower last week.  And it felt soo good. :)  
This Sunday we only had 2 investigators at church.. we were expecting more, but they didn't show up.  BUT, we have a family that we are working with, a single mom and her 3 kids (8 yrs. old and the other 2 younger than 8..)  she couldn't attend church, but we had ward members bring them to church.  So we had those 3 kids and 2 of their friends.  It was pretty funny, we joked that we brought a 'kinder'  or elementary school to church.  :)  They are so great, and were all dressed up with their hair all nice and done pretty.  
This past wednesday we had a plan to visit Hermana M.  A new investigator, but we couldn't visit her because we had a sudden change of plans, and we weren't in our area.  So instead, we visited her on friday but her 'husband' (because they aren't married)  said she wasn't feeling well, so we left.  The next day we stopped by and she was leaving her house but said 'ahh Hermanas, come on in!'  She explained that she had to be somewhere right then, but God came first :)  She then explained that when she heard someone at the door the day before she asked her husband who was there, he said it was us, and she got super mad at him and told him to go out to look for us.  Because it was raining, and she was all 'You didn't let them in?? It's raining!  You need to show some humility and should have let them in'... something along those lines.  She asked us why we weren't there on wednesday, because she had prepared a little breakfast for us with cookies and coffee.. which is probably a good thing we weren't there because we would have had to reject the coffee.. but still, how nice!  :)  She also said she would be at church with her son, but didn't show up... 

Everything else is good in this area! The more I've been studying and teaching the more I can feel the truth of this message I carry.  

Love you all!
Hermana Zimmerman 

 My zone (haha we couldn't take a really good picture)
 My comp and I after our zone meeting

We ate with a member this week, and this is what we ate.  I'm not sure what it is called, but the meat was basically a type of sausage and bi-steak I'm pretty sure, and I ate 2 of these. :)  They were SOOOO good!
You can call me a homemaker- yes I did chop this super good looking lettuce.

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