Wednesday, November 4, 2015


Hey everyone!  I just wanted to give you a rundown of my last week in the mission field. :)
So... my last week turned out pretty great.  We were able to continue working with some of our investigators, I feel that one is especially close to being baptized... hopefully even though I'm not there she will feel the need to be baptized.  I am proud of her especially because on sunday when we went to church, we saw her there!  She had gone by herself, which is now more normal... but her friend in the church couldn't go, but she went anyway! 
This last ward I served in was pretty great, we got about 5 invitations to eat dinner with everyone before I left... unfortunately we couldn't quite accept because of the work we had to do... but the invitations were always welcome. :)   
Whenever missionaries finish the mission, on Saturday they go to the temple with the pres, and then on sunday they usually go to his ward with all of the leaving missionaries... well I don't know quite what happened, but we went to the temple on Friday night, which was great!  Then on Saturday we didn't do much... in the evening we had our last interviews with pte. Egginton, who is always so kind.. Kind of weird having the last interview, and almost not talking about missionary work- more of what I will be doing to apply the things I have learned in the mission field to my life... yikes.   Then on sunday we were able to go back to my ward, and I went with another sister who had started her mission there!  So that was awesome-  because everyone thought I would already be gone, so they were very happy, and the ward was also very excited to see the other sister.  
Even better- Hna. R got confirmed!! On Wednesday when we went to visit her we told her we wouldn't be able to be at her confirmation, because I would be leaving and my comp would be in another area... so when we got to church and I saw her, her jaw dropped and was super happy, as was I. It was very sweet, she is a converted member of the church. 
To finish the day we went to Pte's house and had our last dinner with everyone leaving- about 13 missionaries.. not many.  But that was fun seeing everyone, and being able to share our experiences from the mission, and share our testimonies.  :) 
Then we left to the mission office and the airport at 2:30 am... tooo early.  BUT  during our travel we were able to share 2 books of Mormon!! #missionariesforlife  The first one I was buying a milkshake.. and the man next to me started talking to me.. and he was really cool!  Had family from Mexico, but lives in USA, and had dated an LDS girl in highschool, but now had a family... and basically I told him in Spanglish that he should read the Book of Mormon (I gave him an English copy that a sister from my ward had given me) and he said he had 3 hours and would read it in the plane!!!  And would tell his Mormon friend that he had a Book of Mormon...  Then when I was waiting with the other 2 missionaries on my flight we shared another book of Mormon with two other people, and they accepted!  :)  
And now I am home.... but that's another mission ;)  
Have a great week my missionary friends!!!  What you do does matter. :)  

Last district meeting-Thanks Hna Gaby for the cake!

My companion bought me a firework for my last night in the area..

Centro de Tlaquepaque with Hna. Lessard on our last saturday

Saying goodbye to Hna. M. on Sunday :(

Hnas. (companions) from the MTC- WE DID IT!

"What's next?"

18 months sure does wipe you out...

Sisters leaving the mission

You always need a crazy photo..