Tuesday, October 28, 2014


HOLA!!!! :)
So, I have been transfered! My time in Morelia has ended (at least for now) and I have been sent south to Lazaro Cardenas. :)  haha so.. the beach. :)   I already asked my comp if we can see the sea and she said no. But, I did see a little bit during the bus ride here.
This last week in my old area was pretty good.  We ended up having a great lesson with a new family that we found (they are SO golden) and the lesson was perfect.  We taught them the Restoration, and asked them if they had already read a little bit in the Book of Mormon, and if they had prayed about it.  The mom had read and prayed a bit, but the Dad had forgotten (but the next day we called and he had prayed).  The mom had a few few questions and asked us how she could know for a surety which of all the churches is true.  So we explained more about prayer, and we asked her if she received an answer, and if she felt that the Book of Mormon was true.  She said, 'Well, yes, I can just feel it when I read the book.'  We could just feel the spirit really strong.  It was also pretty cool because sometimes when I speak spanish, I have to think a little hard to put the words together correctly, but in this lesson I didn't even think, just spoke.  Afterwards my comp.  commented that I spoke perfect spanish. :)  I give the credit to the Holy Ghost and the Gift of Tongues (they are real). 
I also had my last week there.. we weren't sure if I was going to be transferred, but it turns out that yup, mi toca salir. :)  I really enjoyed my last week, my comp and I had really worked hard to accomplish our goals, to have more lessons, and our teachings were more united.  It makes me kind of sad that I won't be there to continue to work with some of the great families I have found. 
Besides that-my new area!! It's one of the furthest parts of the mission, and what I have heard so far is that it is very hot, humid, and that a lot of people aren't married.  Haha so far it hasn't been too hot, but we will see. :)  My area (well, the really tiny part that i have seen so far) is very beautiful.  Lots of trees, and greenery, and I am very excited to work here. 
One last story- with my baptism of last week, Hermano V.  when we had taught him he told us that he is never going to pass the Sacrament, and not going to go on a mission.. BUT when we got to church on Sunday, there he was up front in a white shirt and tie blessing the Sacrament. :)  It was one of the coolest things I could have seen.  And I really hope in 1 year he has the chance to serve a mission.  It was honestly, just great!
Love you all!! And have a good week!!!
Hermana Zimmerman
saying goodbye to Hermana Contreras
One of the member families that are just super great :D
members from Tarimbaro
 New companion Hermana Enriquez
 a quick peek at my new casa :D
This food is called a 'Gringa' (its basically a sandwich but instead of bread, its tortillas)  so... 'Gringa with the Gringa' ;)

Monday, October 20, 2014

Best week ever!!!

Hola Todos!
So this week was pretty good!
To start off Wednesday... My birthday!! So this day actually pretty great.  We started out and had a great lesson with Hermana M.  She is just great, and told us the other day 'Hermanas, I just want you to know, that I want to be baptized.  I am ready!'  Her only problem is that she needs to either seperate from her boyfriend or marry him.. and every sunday she spends with her son, and right now he doesn't want to attend church, but she's working on him. :)   We later had 'lunch' with some members, and then they bought a cake!  Later in the evening the bishop wanted to celebrate so he invited us to his house before we went to our house before 9, but we didn't have time :(  So we ran to their house, were their for 5 minutes, and then ran to our house with more cake.  
The next few days were pretty busy, we had the baptismal interview for Hermano V, and because he is a man, we can only teach him if a sister accompanies us.  SO we were trying to find a member to come with us for about an hour, and at last, one Hermana A. who was baptized last week by the Elders came with us with our ward mission leader.  And she really was great, participated the entire time and shared her testimony, was perfect.  When our district leader came out of the interview with Hermano V they were all 'sad' and said he would be baptized in December (because that's been a joke, that Hermano V didn't want to be baptized until December) but he passed!!  
His baptism also went very well.  The daughter of Hermana A (who was baptized last week) was baptized with Hermano V.  
Story about Hermano V...  So, my first week here in Mexico, I'm pretty sure my first day proselyting we went to eat with a member family.  While we were there Hermano V. was there and my comp. was all 'How great!  He is a reference from the Hermana, and we need to teach him!'  so we taught him a lesson, and I invited him to be baptized, and he accepted.  Then for many weeks he assisted church (I'm pretty sure he assisted church at least 16 times) but kept on pushing off his baptismal date.  With my first comp he was pretty difficult as well, his answers always were 'who knows.. i don't know. '  always.  then as time progressed he started to answer with actual sentences, and the lessons became more of lessons.  With my 2nd comp. she wanted to drop him, because he just wasn't progessing like he should have.  BUT patience is a virtue. :)  And with my companion right now he finally accepted to be baptized and was baptized this past weekend.   And it turned out really well.  When he went into the water he was very serious, and I could honestly tell that he was ready to make this decision to be baptized.  It was just all around great. :)

This week we had a few other good lessons with new investigors-and one family that I am so happy about!  We contacted a family of 4, the parents, and their 2 kids, and another family memeber.. in the first lesson we were talking about prayer, and I was going to pray.  So we asked what was the name of the family (usually I don't share names BUT...)  they said Vazquez-Vallejo.  They also have family who are Mormons.. So of course I was thinking, 'oh!  I know a family who has the same last name of Vallejo, the dad is from Mexico, and they are my neighbors'.   Turns out that THEY ARE COUSINS!!!!  How crazy, to find a connection in Mexico??  So this family that I found in mexico has cousins who live 3 houses down from my house in Utah.  :) SAY WHAT??!  We have a lesson with them in about 45 minutes.

One last thing... this morning I was studying in 1 Nephi 18, and a few verses kind of hit me.. first off
 11 And it came to pass that Laman and Lemuel did take me andbind me with cords, and they did treat me with much harshness; nevertheless, the Lord did suffer it that he might show forth his power, unto the fulfilling of his word which he had spokenconcerning the wicked.
I like this scripture a lot, because even though Nephi had trials (like we all have)  the Lord didn't stop his enemies from hurting him.. haha well, what I like is that we can learn that God has a purpose.  Every challenge and trial that we face in our lives is for our benefit, or 'to show forth his power'.    and then..

 12 And it came to pass that after they had bound me insomuch that I could not move, the compass, which had been prepared of the Lord, did cease to work.

What is our 'Liahona'?  Well, I think it is the Holy Ghost.  Our guide in life whenever we need direction, BUT if we are not worthy, are not obedient, and don't listen, our 'liahona' doesn't work.  God has prepared a way for us to receive guidance in our life, but if we don't not live the commandments, and do the things that he asks, the Holy Ghost cannot be with us.  

Sorry this week's letter was pretty random.. But that's how life is.. :)  Oh and fun fact, this morning when I was washing my clothes, I received about 23 mosquito bites on my right leg and about 13 on my left leg.  #GraciasAMexico  

Have a great week everyone!  :)
Hermana Zimmerman
 Happy Birthday!  We ate with a member, and they bought me a cake :) #BestWardEver
 'Mordida!'  Haha they told me to take a bite of the cake... so I did and my comp shoved my face in the cake... :)
 Birthday cake with the bishop and his family!! :)  They are the best family ever. (besides mine)
 Happy Birthday "Miranda style":D
Baptism of Hermano V!!!! The Bishop baptized him. :) :)

Mis niƱas!  These little girls are also my favorite.. SOO cute!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

week 27

Querido Todos,
So, this week was pretty busy, with interviews with our Mission President, then Stake Conference (my second one here in the mission) and the baptism of the Elders.  
In this transfer I think the biggest thing I am learning right now is patience, and diligence..  And treating every day as a blessing.  These past few weeks we haven't been having as much success as one would like.. but- it all depends on 1-how is the work we are doing as a missionaries and also 2-the personal agency of the people we teach.  
Real quick I'll share a lesson that we had.  One day this past week we were walking in one of the neighborhoods, and we started talking with a woman, she was carrying her baby and a big bag, so we stopped to help her to her house with the bag, and of course started talking to her about the Gospel.  As we were walking she hadn't really heard anything about the LDS church, and when we got to her house she invited us in, and offered us glasses of water.  So we asked if we could share a message with her, and she said of course.  So we started the lesson, and as time went on we were about to invite her to be baptized when her husband came home.. We explained who we were, a little bit more about baptism, and then invited them both to be baptized.  The husband said 'no.  I don't feel like I need to repent of anything I did in my past, I don't feel any repentance.'  and his wife said 'yes'!  So we tried to put a baptismal date and the wife wanted to accept, but she said she would talk with her husband.  haha darn those husbands.. no just kidding, but at the end the husband offered the final prayer, and I feel like he opened up a little bit more.  We have a meeting with them today, so I hope all goes well!

Something that I learned this week in my study, was about prayer.  There is a section in Preach My Gospel, in Chapter 4, that talks about 'Pray with Faith'.  I was reading it these past few days, and really was an eye-opener.  Although I say it a lot, and we all say it as missionaries, is that prayer is the communication that we have with our Heavenly Father.  And literally, because this is the communication that we have with him, we can in a way 'chat' with him.  Explain what happed in our day, our worries and our happy moments.  We can say anything we want!  We can also ask him for guidance in our lives- In the night we can give thanks for all that we have, and we can also ask for guidance for the next day.  Another part of PMG said 'ask, search, call'  or something like that.. in spanish it's 'PIDA, BUSQUE, LLAME'.   Basically this is how I would like to sum up prayer with a scripture in DyC 9:8

 But, behold, say unto you, that you must study it out in your mindthen you must ask me if it be right, and if it is right willcause that your bosom shall burn within you; therefore, you shall feel that it is right.

1-PIDA-  This means ask.  Whenever we want an answer from God, and we need a little bit of direction in our lives, we first need to ask God in prayer what he would have us do.  BUT most of the time He can't just tell us directly in our minds. So, this leads me to...
2-BUSQUE-  Search.  Heavenly Father didn't give us the scriptures just so that we could read a story.  The scriptures including the Bible and the Book of Mormon are literally THE WORD OF GOD, and are for us to use!!  Sometimes we forget that we have the word of God in our hands.  So, first we start with a prayer, then we search for the answers in the scriptures, and what we need to know will come to us through what we study.  then..
3-LLAME-  I consider this point, another prayer.  We need to confirm our answers with God.  Because sometimes we want something in our lives, but God has something else in plan for us.  We need to 'call' on God to confirm our actions.

One last thing.. when I had my interview with my Mission President, the first thing he asked me was 'Hermana Zimmerman.  How is your relationship with our Heavenly Father?'  So, I would like to ask you all the same thing... How is your relationship with YOUR Heavenly Father?  Is there anything that you should be doing, or could do that could strengthen your relationship with Him? 

Have a great week everyone! :)

Con mucho amor,
Hermana Zimmerman   
Baptism of Hermana A.  Hermana Moncada and I contacted her, and the Elders taught her.. :)  But she is such a sweet lady!  Really cool actually-  one of the members of our ward one day was on the bus and gave her a Book of Mormon, so when Hermana Moncada and I talked with her a few weeks ago and introduced us she said 'Yes, I have a Book of Mormon, and am reading it..'  and literally is perfect!  Then we found out she lived in the area of the Elders.. but we met her on sunday in front of our neighborhood and went to church the following sunday.. and she was baptized this past friday :)

Sunday Dinner... ;)

Monday, October 6, 2014

Part 1 of 3 complete!!‏ Week 26

Wow... So the first part of 3 of my mission is complete.. How weird?? 6 months done and gone.. And I am still here in Aeropuerto.. :) 
So this week wasn't too busy.. but General Conference was absoluetely great!  I loved it so much, and it went by soo fast!! All of the 'north American' missionaries watched the sessions in English in another room while everyone else watched conference in the sacrament room.  So we had a lot of fun all talking in English for a few hours, which was pretty weird.. But good.
From conference I loved one of the talks that talked about the members, how right now we might only be 15 million, BUT the strength of the church is in how strong are the testimonies of the members.. We might be 'few in numbers' but we can be strong in heart, and in our discipleship of Christ. 
I really loved the talk by Jorg Klehingel.. (haha I probably didn't spell that right..)  but how he gave us 6 steps that we need to apply in our lives.  A lot of it was about our personal responsibility, in how we act, accept all of our choices we have made, how to forgive, and accept our set-backs that we have had in our lives. 
I hope you all had the opportunity to listen to general conference, and if you didn't have the chance... go watch it. :)  I received answers to questions that I didn't even know that I needed answered..
I know that this Gospel really does help people, and that there are people ready that need to hear the Gospel.  If we could only just be examples in all aspects of the Gospel, obeying all of the commandments how they teach us to live, and not obeying one just because it doesn't seem convenient for us, people WILL notice a difference in us, and they will be drawn to our light, which is the Light of Christ. 
Love you all, and hope that you can all have the faith to endure whatever trial comes your way this week.. :)
Hermana Zimmerman

UPDATE- my clothes still fit!! so I haven't gained much weight... or if so, it has yet to show in my clothes.. woo hoo :)
 6 month mark! :D
 General Conference in the stake center with the a few of the Hermanas in my zone :)
 I found grumpy cat.. :)

 My comp and I :)