Monday, October 6, 2014

Part 1 of 3 complete!!‏ Week 26

Wow... So the first part of 3 of my mission is complete.. How weird?? 6 months done and gone.. And I am still here in Aeropuerto.. :) 
So this week wasn't too busy.. but General Conference was absoluetely great!  I loved it so much, and it went by soo fast!! All of the 'north American' missionaries watched the sessions in English in another room while everyone else watched conference in the sacrament room.  So we had a lot of fun all talking in English for a few hours, which was pretty weird.. But good.
From conference I loved one of the talks that talked about the members, how right now we might only be 15 million, BUT the strength of the church is in how strong are the testimonies of the members.. We might be 'few in numbers' but we can be strong in heart, and in our discipleship of Christ. 
I really loved the talk by Jorg Klehingel.. (haha I probably didn't spell that right..)  but how he gave us 6 steps that we need to apply in our lives.  A lot of it was about our personal responsibility, in how we act, accept all of our choices we have made, how to forgive, and accept our set-backs that we have had in our lives. 
I hope you all had the opportunity to listen to general conference, and if you didn't have the chance... go watch it. :)  I received answers to questions that I didn't even know that I needed answered..
I know that this Gospel really does help people, and that there are people ready that need to hear the Gospel.  If we could only just be examples in all aspects of the Gospel, obeying all of the commandments how they teach us to live, and not obeying one just because it doesn't seem convenient for us, people WILL notice a difference in us, and they will be drawn to our light, which is the Light of Christ. 
Love you all, and hope that you can all have the faith to endure whatever trial comes your way this week.. :)
Hermana Zimmerman

UPDATE- my clothes still fit!! so I haven't gained much weight... or if so, it has yet to show in my clothes.. woo hoo :)
 6 month mark! :D
 General Conference in the stake center with the a few of the Hermanas in my zone :)
 I found grumpy cat.. :)

 My comp and I :)

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