Wednesday, November 4, 2015


Hey everyone!  I just wanted to give you a rundown of my last week in the mission field. :)
So... my last week turned out pretty great.  We were able to continue working with some of our investigators, I feel that one is especially close to being baptized... hopefully even though I'm not there she will feel the need to be baptized.  I am proud of her especially because on sunday when we went to church, we saw her there!  She had gone by herself, which is now more normal... but her friend in the church couldn't go, but she went anyway! 
This last ward I served in was pretty great, we got about 5 invitations to eat dinner with everyone before I left... unfortunately we couldn't quite accept because of the work we had to do... but the invitations were always welcome. :)   
Whenever missionaries finish the mission, on Saturday they go to the temple with the pres, and then on sunday they usually go to his ward with all of the leaving missionaries... well I don't know quite what happened, but we went to the temple on Friday night, which was great!  Then on Saturday we didn't do much... in the evening we had our last interviews with pte. Egginton, who is always so kind.. Kind of weird having the last interview, and almost not talking about missionary work- more of what I will be doing to apply the things I have learned in the mission field to my life... yikes.   Then on sunday we were able to go back to my ward, and I went with another sister who had started her mission there!  So that was awesome-  because everyone thought I would already be gone, so they were very happy, and the ward was also very excited to see the other sister.  
Even better- Hna. R got confirmed!! On Wednesday when we went to visit her we told her we wouldn't be able to be at her confirmation, because I would be leaving and my comp would be in another area... so when we got to church and I saw her, her jaw dropped and was super happy, as was I. It was very sweet, she is a converted member of the church. 
To finish the day we went to Pte's house and had our last dinner with everyone leaving- about 13 missionaries.. not many.  But that was fun seeing everyone, and being able to share our experiences from the mission, and share our testimonies.  :) 
Then we left to the mission office and the airport at 2:30 am... tooo early.  BUT  during our travel we were able to share 2 books of Mormon!! #missionariesforlife  The first one I was buying a milkshake.. and the man next to me started talking to me.. and he was really cool!  Had family from Mexico, but lives in USA, and had dated an LDS girl in highschool, but now had a family... and basically I told him in Spanglish that he should read the Book of Mormon (I gave him an English copy that a sister from my ward had given me) and he said he had 3 hours and would read it in the plane!!!  And would tell his Mormon friend that he had a Book of Mormon...  Then when I was waiting with the other 2 missionaries on my flight we shared another book of Mormon with two other people, and they accepted!  :)  
And now I am home.... but that's another mission ;)  
Have a great week my missionary friends!!!  What you do does matter. :)  

Last district meeting-Thanks Hna Gaby for the cake!

My companion bought me a firework for my last night in the area..

Centro de Tlaquepaque with Hna. Lessard on our last saturday

Saying goodbye to Hna. M. on Sunday :(

Hnas. (companions) from the MTC- WE DID IT!

"What's next?"

18 months sure does wipe you out...

Sisters leaving the mission

You always need a crazy photo..

Monday, September 21, 2015

Last Week......:(

pues... this will be the last letter from me as a missionary.... :(  

This last week in our area was great.  We weren't able to work too much because of a stake activity- family search, had to go to the hospital for my comp (everything is good for now), and had my last zone conference.  But besides that- the most important was we had the baptism of hermana R!!!!! :D   

During the whole time we have been teaching her, she has always completed with her comitments, always reads her Book of Mormon, always offered us flavored water and sometimes gelatina when we went to visit her.... She is the best.  After her baptism she said 'thank you so much my little sister.  My missionaries.'  2 of her children were able to attend, and her son brought her flowers. :)

This past friday like I said I had my last zone conference, and it was my favorite conference of my whole mission.  Our zone leaders had asked a few of the missionaries share messages from Chapter one of PME, about Our Purpose as misionaries.  Then Pte. Egginton (mission pres.)  and our stake president also talked.  It was all very inspired, and more than anything- I received an answer to a prayer I have had even before the mission.  :)  God answers... eventually.. but always. 

I have learned, at the end of every transfer, or everytime I have had a change of comps, that even though there are differences in every companionship, I have loved the opportunity to be able to get to know better all of my comps.  Especially with my comp right now, my last one... I remember when we started out, because she was new, well there are always things that new missionaries need to learn.  But I was a little worried, because she looked like a challenge.. (haha she'll be fine that I share this.)  But in our last weekly planning session on thursday, we were able to open up completely, and we really have a strong bond.  I have loved that about being here in the mission, learning to overcome differences, and being able to become a better person.  

And I realize that I had to come on the mission, to become a better person... to change who I am, and to leave even the smallest things behind.. even though I still am imperfect.  I have learned that one of the most important things in the mission, is to accept the counsel of your leaders.  They know what is best for you, and as you obey their guidance, you... or I have learned how to become a better me.  Just a quick invite to those who are in the mission... LET THE MISSION CHANGE YOU, don't try to change your mission... I remember when I first started the mission, our pte. had lots of rules, we weren't like any other mission.   My trainer on top of that was a very obedient missionary, and always tried to be a better person.  I am grateful that I could change.. 

Yesterday at church, the bishop asked us all as misionaries to speak, and it was also one of the most spiritul sacrament meetings..  Each of our talks were very different, talking about how one missionary is a convert- before they knew the gospel, they didn't think they could be happy.  Because they found the gospel- they decided to serve a mission, to help others find happiness in a darkened world.  Another talked about how he converted at age 16, and one of his goals was to find a 16 year old young man to baptize him.  And he was able to do it here in this ward.  Another missionary reminded the members to be more conscious of the new members and the new investigators that go to church- we need to be more loving towards them.  And I got to talk about basically my whole mission- the impact it has had on me.... haha I definitely cried- but I was happy because I was still able to talk. :)  It was all very... great. 

Then yesterday we went to say goodbye to a convert- because he is only home on sundays, and when we got there they had a chocolate cake and a present for me. :)  ahhhh and already many members have invited us to eat dinner with them... yay!  yesterday at our meeting with our ward mission leader. his wife made me my favorite enchiladas rojas.. YUM

I have grown to love this ward, and Mexico.. It's kind of funny because I never thought I would serve in the mission, especially in Mexico.  But I have loved everything about here- the food, the people, the area... and I really will miss everything so much.... The mission has taught me so much- I will miss that....

But... we will see how this week goes. :)  The work with always continue, and there is even more work at home.  A quote I love from PME is 'The most important of the Lord's work you'll ever do will be within the walls of your own homes'.  

One last thing that I wanted to testify- I know that the Gospel of Jesus Christ blesses the family.  We only need to understand how to live it, and any problem that any family has- can be solved. 

With that I leave you with one scripture... 3 John 1:
13 I had many things to write, but I will not with ink and pen write unto thee:
 14 But I trust I shall shortly see thee, and we shall speak face to face. Peace be to thee. Our friends salute thee. Greet the friends by name.
For those who are still serving in the mission field- please send me your weekly letters to my other email- :)


Hermana Zimmerman

see you next monday ;)

last zone activity!  volleyball for life.
  not a very good pic... but our convert- member, and the rest of the fam and a friend investigators. :)  they are the best
 Hermana R, my comp and I.. 
sisters in the zone. :) 


Monday, September 14, 2015

Almost there :D


first off- happy birthday shout out to my mom!! :)  

Ok, this past week was a great week for work.  We were able to start off contacting and focusing more on the less actives in the ward, and we were able to visit of ton of them and have some cool experiences with them.  For example on saturday we were able to visit a few families, and we shared a message with basically all of them about how the Gospel blesses our families.  And it really reminded me how blessed we all are to have the gospel in our lives.  Because maybe our families aren't perfect.  But God has blessed us with his teachings so that if we apply them (such as faith, prayer, respect... etc. (what it says in the Proclamation) )  we can really be happy here in our homes.  

Our super star investigator Hermana R. is doing great!  This week we finished teaching the commandments, and she told us that as of a few weeks ago she has already been paying her tithing. :)  And on sunday we had such a cool experience!!!  Like I said the temple in Mexico City was dedicated, so we went to the morning session, but afterward we went to our chapel at 12:30 to teach our investigator.  Well, I had been praying that we could have a member there with us, but the sister that we had invited sent us a message saying that she couldn't.  But- when we got to the church there was a brother there!  But he didn't want to stay so he left... BUT  then another man showed up saying that he had just moved into our area.  And then right after another sister showed up who hasn't been to church in a long time, and we told them both that there wasn't going to be church services, but they could accompany us in the lesson. :)  So they stayed and we had a great lesson!  Also, about 2 other whole families showed up, and 2 other less actives... it made me happy that they had been able to come, but then sad because church wasn't going to happen.. :/  darn it. But it was a huge blessing. 

Ever since we started the week looking and focusing more on less actives, they have been popping up out of nowhere!  We went to contact a reference on friday, and as we knocked on the door, in the apartment above us a man poked his head our and said 'elders!!!  When you are done come up and visit us!'  So we did, and it was a family tha had recently moved from another ward in the stake, and we were able to get to know them and share a message. :) After we explained that we weren't elders... but sisters..

Embarassng moment... on saturday we were running a little late and we saw the bus so we started running to catch it.  Well, the bus didn't stop so a whole group of people who were watching us yelled so we could get on.. maybe not that embarassing, just a little wierd. 

Yesterday as we went to contact another less active there was a dog that kept barking at us- and tried to pee on me!  Not cool.. good thing he missed. 

That's about it this week, but I just want to say that I am grateful for the gospel in my life, and for the opportunity to be here. 

Love you all, have a great week!
Hermana Zimmerman
 A family in the ward we visit. :)  
 our miracle visit yesterday at the chapel!  
 Some of my friends... :)  And Hermana R.! (on the right)
 our food yesterday... YUM.  Tacos durados
 con agua de melon con fresas.
It rained one night and my comp decided not to bring her umbrella... so trash bag it is!


Tuesday, September 8, 2015

17 months in hte Mission :D

Hey everyone!

Sorry, not much to say this week... but everything is going great!

Here in the work, especially in our stake we had a meeting with the other missionaries and the stake pres. and other ward leaders last sunday to talk about how we can work better in our wards, in the ward council and everything.  We are now changing our perspective especially in our stake, to reactivating the less actives. wooh!  But let's just say it is a lot of work.... But I am excited because there are a ton of families we need to teach, and help them remember the covenents that they have made. :)  

I had my last zone meeting on friday... wow...

Hermano J. was confirmed yesterday!! When he was confirmed the elder gave him a beautiful blessing.  it was funny because during the week we went to visit his family with another investigator, and she asked if there was going to be anything special in church.  And he said 'yes!  There is a confirmation 'pendiente'' On the other hand, another investigator was asked to teach his own class last sunday, yay!  And he said he did a great job. 

Today we went to the center of Tlaquepaque with a wonderful sister in our ward.  And it was great.... 

Have a great week everyone! :)

Hermana Zimmerman
 Finished 17 months in the mission!!!

 today we went to the center... hahaha of tlaquepaque, and it was sooooo beautiful.. :)  
 this week we went to the temple!!!! yay!!!


Monday, August 31, 2015



Here in Las Juntas, we have seen sooo many miracles... so I feel like I can't even write letters anymore, so here are just a few points I wanted to share with you all. :)

I have decided that I am one of the 'sembradores' here in the mission.  Or meaning- I work, plant the seeds, and then when I leave the area is when success comes.. haha well I also realized this week that that was only slightly true, but we just have to accept that as missionaries, our main work is 'plant the seed' and with time and patience, the seeds will be ready for the harvest... (wow that doesn't make much sense..)

This week we had the baptism of Hermano J.!!!! :) :) :)  I couldn't be more happy, I have already talked a little about him (his wife has been active now for about 4 months), we have been teaching him for the past 6 weeks, and his baptism was one of the most spiritual experiences I have had in my mission.  He accepted this message whole-heartedly, ready to work and give service in the church... the day of his baptism (on sunday) we went over early so that he could be interviewed, and we asked if he invited his family to come.  At the end of church 3 of his kids showed up with their families, and we held the service.  It was very simple,  his wife spoke, and shared how happy she was that her husband could be baptized (quick blessing- he said he wants to take her to the temple :) #keeper) and after the ordinance he was going to share his testimony.. but the words didn't come up because he got very emotional, and sat down.. but basically the whole family was crying, my comp and I were crying... it was a very happy occasion.  One of his daughter-in-laws who we had only met once before thanked us for the work we had given.  :)   We will be working more with his family so that they can also accept this message and be sealed as a family!!! 

We had splits this week with the STL's, and it was also great.  We went to visit an active family, and they gave me free shoes.  Such a humble, and loving family, I love the people here in Mexico (not just because they give me free stuff...) but really, knowing that they love the missionaries.  Hna. Forsgren (the STL I was with) shared with me a scripture that I loved and wanted to share..

10 For God is not unrighteous to forget your work and labour of lovewhich ye have shewed toward his namein that ye have ministered to the saints, and do minister.
 11 And we desire that every one of you do shew the same diligence to the full assurance of hope unto the end:
 12 That ye be not slothfulbut followers of them whothrough faith and patience inherit the promises.
 13 For when God made promise to Abraham, because hecould swear by no greater, he sware by himself,
 14 Saying, Surely blessing will bless thee, and multiplying will multiply thee.
 15 And so, after he had patiently enduredhe obtained thepromise.
Also, Hermano J.'s wife spoke for her first time in sacrament meeting, and shared how for a year she wanted to return to the church, but she was a little lazy and didn't look very hard.. but one day she said a prayer that she could find it, and she left her house to go to the store, and that is when my comp and I asked her if we could share a message about the restoration of the church of Jesus Christ, and she accepted. I also cried a bit... 

Another investigator we have is also amazing, and we just got permission from the Pte. so that she can be baptized before I leave!!! So if all goes well, i will be praying a lot... she will be my last baptism. :)  She brought her sister to church yesterday. 

One last miracle... we have another investigator Hermana M. who we have been teaching for a few months now, but her progress wasn't that good.. she would usually forget to read the book of mormon.. even though she went to church.  Well, this week she was determined that Satan wouldn't get in her way, and she listened to the Book of mormon a lot this past week!! And on sunday at the baptism and another day when we went to visit her she told us. 'I already want to be baptized... soon.'  YAY!!! Patience is a virtue. :)  

I am very grateful for this work, the ward I am in, for my companion, and the 17 months I now will comlete on wednesday in the mission.... 

Love you all, have a great week!!!

Hermana Zimmerman :)

 pic with Hna. Forsgren from our splits a few weeks ago!
 BAPTISM!!!!!!!! Hermano J. and his family. :)  
 selfie sunday.. #mepene (I got ready)
 another selfie... (sorry, we actually looked nice for once so we took a few..)
  family we are teaching. :)
freaking spider we found in the house yesterday... :O

Monday, August 24, 2015

tenemos bien mucho trabajo.... ;) translation- "while we have much work....;)"

Oka, so not much time to write today...

but- we had 2 baptisms this past week!!! There is a big family in my ward, and for a long time they haven't gone to church... but they got reactivated, and the 2 grandkids got baptized!  In every prayer as we were teaching them 'please help me so that i can be baptized'.... they were a little nervous, but everything turned out well.  

This week I wanted to share real quick a little bit more about our chosen investigator Hermana R!  This week when we went to visit with her she shared with us a few of the blessings she has already seen in her life ever since she started listening to our message... First off, we met her about a week and a half ago, but only taught the basic of our message, and on sunday in one of the classes we talked about the word of wisdom, and she had questions so we gave her a phamphlet, and then when we went on wednesday to visit her she had already read that phamphlet, and the one about the restoration, and answered the questions in the back, AND had been doing her prayers and read the Book of Mormon.  When we invited her to pray every day she said she  prayers every minute, because ever since sunday, she hasn't smoked, or drinken coffee!!!!!!! :D  Then, she said that she hasn't been able to see her grand daughter for about 2 years, but the mom called her this week and told her that she could see her!!! AND she said that she might have to work the sundays in september.. BUT on saturday she said that the day before at work her boss told everyone that they were going to have to work every sunday in the month of september.  But her boss called her over, personally, and said 'i know you need to tell me something.'  so she was going to lie... but she told her the truth, that she was going to church, and she was preparing to be baptized, that is why she needed sundays off.  AND HE GAVE HER EVERY SUNDAY IN SEPTEMBER!!!!  The only bad thing was yesterday she couldn't go to church because her boss made her work so that she can have a break in september... so I am praying a lot that everything goes well so that she can be baptized before I leave... :)  I have always wanted to teach someone like her... 

Everything seems to be going well... to be honest there is a lot of work to do here.  So many members to visit.. less actives.. investigators... but the people here are wonderful.. 5 weeks left... :O  

love you all!  Have a great week in school everyone ;)  

Hermana Zimmerman
 a family that will be moving this week.. :( 
a cute member family with their newborn puppies..

Monday, August 17, 2015

Last Tansfer !!!

Ok, today was transfers and... I'm staying!! Not that much of a surprise because I am training... but In any form, that means my whole misión has been lived in 3 áreas.... But I feel blessed because I was able to serve 3 very different áreas and wards.  And I get to finish here in Guadalajara!  Home of the 'torta ahogada'.. basically 'drowned sandwich'.  haha fun fact- it's a special food here known in Guadalajara, and is basically a sándwich drenched in tomatoe spicy sauce. Not as good as it sounds.. haha ;)
But I feel like I am finally getting the hang of things here in the misión.  And more tan anything the área.  Little by Little we are getting so close to completing the misión goals, and we would have completed a few of them if we hadn't gone to Morelia last week. But yay!!
This week we received a reference from a member on tuesday, so on friday we went to contact her, and she was very prepared and great, Hna. R.  First off we basically got lost trying to find her house.. but we did find her, and it was a Little funny because she was expecting sisters a Little bit older.. so she had prepared cookies and coffee.  At the end she gave us wáter and told us that she had always seen this member at work, how happy he was, and that she wanted what he had.  So he shared with her the góspel, and ever since then she said she has had a lot more peace in her life.  She accepted a baptismal date very easily, and went to church yesterday.  :)  Afterwards, I asked how she liked it and she said 'it was beautiful, but hard...' or basically that there are a lot of things she wants to change in her life, but she is working on it. :)  I love her!
Everything else has been pretty smooth.. these people are great, and time is going by faster and faster.... I can't believe I am in my last transfer in the misión... that last 6 weeks... WOW.  But we should have lots of success in this last transfer.
Have a great week!! :)
Hermana Zimmerman

wow.. so this week I basically didn't take any pics... so here is a pic of a donut and chocolate-cinamon milk that a youth made us after she went with us to visit people, and a pic of what my comp does when she gets stressed... haha we were in the middle of planning and I look over and found her like this.. don't worry, it was just a trim.