Monday, September 15, 2014

CAMBIOS!!! (translated means changes) - Oh wait..not really ;)‏

Here we go!!!  Well, today we had transfers.  For me kind of 1-2 of a change.  My companion left me here in Aeropuerto 2 to be a Sister Training Leader in my same District.  So I will still see her often, but she will now me my STL :) Or here they are called Capacitadoras.  :)  So as of right now every single one of my companions are now STL's.  haha, and this will be my 4th transfer here in my area.  
My new companion is from Puebla, Hermana Contreras  and has 2 more transfers left in the mission.  So far we have gotten along very well (well..the past 2 hours :))  and I am very excited to be working with her!  On our way to write our families, we were talking about a few of our investigators, and she was already coming up with ideas of how to get the members more involved.. and will be a great help here. :)

This past week in our district meeting we learned a lot of things that I really liked.  I would like to share one-ish points about what kind of missionary are we, or.. what is our purpose here as missionaries.  My DL talked about how sometimes we are an 'echo' of our companions.  We see another missionary teach in a certain way and we copy them.  Or with our companions we let them teach all of the lessons, and we are kind of their shadow.  Well, THIS IS NOT OUR PURPOSE AS MISSIONARY.  We are not here so that our companions aren't alone.  So that it is a missionary and a tag-along, so as not to break mission rules.  We are here to be missionaries, not to just be someone's companion.   My first 2 transfers here in my training I realize that I was more of a shadow.  I followed my trainer, and did as she did.  Taught as she did, and acted as she did.  But my purpose as a missionary isn't to copy other people.  I HAVE A PURPOSE
I have a purpose here as a missionary.  Sometimes when we leave the members or investigators also don't remember us... and only remember our companions.''oh, I remember so-and-so... but who was her companion?'  and yeah.  We didn't do anything so that they could really have a change in their lives.  So I hope that I am learning to stand on my own two feet. To teach with my own knowledge so that I can be a good influence on the lives of the people here.  
This past week I was reading in the Ensign of General Conference talks from Elder M. Russell Ballard about 'Follow Up'.  I loved this a lot!  Because it talked about the missionary work.  Also, for me before the mission I felt like I hardly knew anything really about the Gospel.  My question was 'How can I teach people, when I don't know everything.. or don't have a firm knowledge or testimony??'   In this talk, it talks about how we as members can have Preach My Gospel, and learn from it ourselves.  How often as family members we wonder what our sons-daughters are doing in the mission.  Well, PMG has it all.  :)  So my invitation to all of you is to get a Preach My Gospel.  If you can't buy it, it is on, and you can download it.  I learn so much from this little book, it is great, and my testimony has really grown from studying.  

This transfer we have had a lot of new investigators, but also a lot of these new people.. well we aren't going to visit again.  Also, we found a few couples that unfortunately aren't married so they can't have baptismal dates.. I think the most frustrating part of this week was that  1)we had a lot of set meetings, that when we went to visit them, they weren't there. and 2)We had finally put a baptismal date on our investigator Hermano V, and he wasn't baptized.  The frustrating part is that it is so hard to get the investigators to go to church on Sunday, and here he is, every sunday, and is talking classes in Institute, but won't accept to be baptized.  Grrr... but I really hope that he will accept eventually the Gospel fully in his life.  

I hope that all is well with friends and family at home, and my wonderful friends that are also serving missions.  Best of luck to all, love you tons!!

Hermana Zimmerman :)
 one of me and a  daughter of a member in the chapel
 we were in the house of some investigators, and this was a little girl's room.
 This morning when we had transfers, my companion arrived from Guadalajara, so we had to wait a few hours, and went to the area of the Sister-training leaders for a few hours and ate Tortas!! Basically a sandwich, but mine had hotdog, tomato, and onion...I think :)

Sister Moncada and me in front of our Chapel :)

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