Monday, March 16, 2015

Hola familia!‏

Hey everyone!
Hmmm.. so this letter will be short...
Basically, we are still working hard to find new people to teach, and at the end of the day on Sunday we were able to complete with a lot of our goals, and we found a family to teach!! :)  They are a family of 6, and in the first lesson we had yesterday they accepted to go to church the next sunday, and we gave them a few pamphlets to the kids and they were already reading them and... I am just very excited to work with them. :) 
We were able to see a few other miracles as well!  We were able to really show love for one of our investigators on Tuesday because he needed to be at his baptismal interview, but he didn't answer his phone, and it was  about 20 minutes until his interview, and we had to be at another part of our area that is pretty far away, but anyways we went to make sure he got to the interview, and he did it!! :)  So we are going to see when he can be baptized.  
We were also able to do a lot of service which felt great! We taught a lady how to make churros, we helped paint a house, and a few other things.. But it was fun. 

We also got to go on divisiones with the STL's!  I got to go to Lazaro Cardenas, with Hermana Johnston, and it was super fun!  We ended up walking the entire area, but we were diligent. :)  And had a pretty weird experience with a lady.. 

I am doing well, and I hope everyone else is as well.  These past 3 days have been very different from being super hot, it's been raining!!! But it has been great, and I hope it stays cool for a while. 

Have a great week everyone! 

Hermana Zimmerman
 but my comp completed 9 months last week! So we made a little cake.
 last monday as we were passing by to do visits, the people gave us all of this food! We felt super blessed. :)  
We taught one of our invesitgators how to make churros so she can sell them. :) 


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