Monday, March 23, 2015


Hey everyone!  
Ok, so this week wasn't too eventful... Well... yes and no.
My comp and I almost completed a our goal for total lessons, but we finished with a few great new people to teach!
Last Sunday as it was raining super hard, before we went home we went to find a family to teach, so we went and had a quick lesson with this new family M.T. and then we kept in contact with them every day, and then yesterday the four kids came to church!!  We had a lot of plans to get investigators to church, so we tried to call basically every member to see if they could give our investigators a ride, but NO ONE could!  Their car was broken, or they were going to be at another ward, and everything was just falling through.  BUT, whe we were at the main road to meet the kids M.T. a member from Guacamayas stopped by because she knows my comp (because she is from her old ward), and gave us a ride!  IT was perfect!  The whole family couldn't come because of some family problems that they are having,. but after church when we went to visit them, we had a great lesson, and they all accepted to be baptized, and the kids loved church.  I love them so much!!! 

We also found a reference, the daughter of an old investigator, and the first lesson was perfect!  She was definately a Chosen, (just like her mom), but unfortunately, right now isn't her time to be baptized.  She can't go to church because of school she takes on Sundays, BUT she has a break on April 5, and she said she would come, and then in July when she is out of school, she can be baptized.  So even though I will not be here, I hope that she will get baptized.  

Not much else to say... but this past friday..ish, when my comp and I got home after our day of work, we noticed we got super sunburned!  haha so no pics this week... just kidding, this comp just doesn't work, but that was kind of fun.

We also had a zone conference with our mission president this past week, that also went very well!  We talked a lot about how we can help our investigators receieve their answers through prayer, and how we can get them to church!  So my comp and I are going to be working a lot with what we learned...

That's about it!  haha have a great week everyone!

Hermana Zimmerman

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