Monday, March 9, 2015

Weekly Blessings :D

Hi everyone!  I hope all is well. :)
So this week I actually have a lot to say... and have learned a lot.  In some ways this week was a little hard, because we dropped a lot of investigators... and I mean a lot.  Our area book was full, but they just weren't progressing, so that was kind of sad, but it just opens the door to find the chosen people here. 
As we were going through the week, I was noticing that some days it was harder to have new lessons, and I didn't feel like we were using our time well enough, and was really focused in the 'numbers'.  To complete with the normas de excellencia (haha spanish just sticks sometimes..)  basically with the mission goals.  How many lessons we need to have each week, and everything.  But then as I was talking with my comp, she asked me.  'listen Sis. Zimmerman, do you feel like this week was a week of success, even though we haven't had as many lessons as usual.. or your past weeks have been successful, with all of the numbers?  And it made me really realize, that the numbers don't matter, if we don't have people progressing.  And at the end of the week, we actually had a normal amount of lessons, BUT we had a lot more miracles.  So lesson 1- the numbers don't matter, it is the people we find who are ready and willing to accept the Gospel who really count. 

Here are just a few cool experiences that happened this past week as well.  
1-A new investigator that we have had, but only had 1 lesson about 3 weeks ago, called us during our weekly planning on thursday, and told us that he was going to talk with his boss to get work off on Sunday, because he wanted to come and bring his kids. :)  Then from that day we had daily contact friday and saturday, and then saturday night when we called he said he was already preparing his clothes to bring one of his kids to church, and was going to invite his parents.  
2-We have still been working with an investigator that we have had since I got here, but we are really starting to understand more of his needs, and the needs of his wife.  We had a cool lesson with him where we explained DyC 20:37, and asked him after every part if he felt like he was completing with the baptismal requirements (because he said he didn't feel ready). And after every question such as -'Are you willing to be humble and accept God's will?'  He said yes!  And he was able to realize that he is ready to be baptized, we only have a few more lessons to teach, and a little more work to do, but if all goes well, he and his wife can be baptized soon. :)
3-This week we went with a few less actives, and had other great experiences!  One less active actually gave us a reference and came to the church for the first time in months!  And with the others we were able to find out their needs, and now we know exactly what we need to do to help them. One less active always says she will go to church, but we had another cool lesson with her, and invited her to church, and her answer was a clear, yes!  

So really, I am able to notice more of my part in the mission work, that if I listen, and really listen, demonstrate love for the people, and seek to help them staying focused at all times with daily contact, miracles happen.

At the end of the week, we didn't meet our goal of investigators at church, but at least I could say I did my part. And that I have another week to help people come unto Christ. :)

Ok.. only one more little thing!  I have been talking a lot with my comp, and we have a fun lesson plan for a few of our investigators or less actives, and I invite all of you to do this activity as well.  
Just think about what goals you want to complete in the next 5, 15, 50, 1000 years. :)  We have been thinking a lot about the last part, 'What goals do I want to have in 1000 years?  or.. after death?'  I know it sounds a little strange, but everything we do here on earth has a consequence, or a grand blessing.  And it is up to us, what we do today, that helps us either achieve our eternal goals, or no. :)

Love you all, and hope you all have a great week! 
Hermana Zimmerman
 Just a few pics from this morning when we went to Malecon.  No we didn't go near the water, but just the sight was enough. :)  YAY!

We could only enter in exercise clothes, so we tried out the funny little machines. 

haha this last machine.. 'esta bien pesada!'  or.. it's really heavy!  haha well, the weight was yourself.. I don't know if that makes sense... but that was kind of funny. :)

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