Monday, December 1, 2014

Dia de Gracias!‏ (Thanksgiving)

So this week we got to hear about a new iniciative that is going on in many parts of the world, INCLUDING MEXICO!!! Called 'He is the Gift', or to me it is 'El es la Dadiva'.  Yeah, i know everyone is already talking about it, but it is so cool, and I am super happy that Mexico gets to be a part of this event. :)  We've already been handing out flyers, and the first day when we heard about the initiative we got to go the the computurs and investigate the page a little more.  While we were looking at the page a man sat down next to me and asked what page i was on, so I showed him where to go and he was all 'hmm, I'm going to share this on facebook!' and right then already shared it on his facebook.  So that was pretty cool.   We had an appointment with him on saturday but it fell through.. so this next saturday. 

This week my comp and I have some pretty big goals... really big.  So I hope that we can complete them all!! This past week we feel we didn't work too well... so to make up for it we came up with some ideas to work with this week.

For Thanksgiving we didn't do much.. they don't really celebrate thanksgiving here.. but I did eat very well.   Mole, y Arroz Rojo con Coca. :)

Right now in my personal study I have been trying to read the bible.. because I really haven't read it before.  So right now I am almost done with Mark, and am loving it!  I really can't believe I haven't really read the Bible before.. oops.

Mexico continues to be hot, the food good, and the people great.

Love you all! Sorry for such a short letter.. haha next week. :)
Hermana Zimmerman
p.s. happy birthday shout-out to my lil sis Laura!!! :)
 My happy thanksgiving. :)  we ate Mole (its basically a rich sauce that is kind of spicy, and had chicken) and red rice (its rice that is cooked with tomatoes, and other spices i think...)
 cute little babies on sunday. :)
 Happy Birthday Laura!!
 I found out that I am turning into grandma (both grandmas) with sticky notes... 
Flu shots :(

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