Monday, December 8, 2014

8 months down!

ok, so this past week was a little hectic- and we had a few changes here in Mexico.. :)
So on monday in the morning my comp. and i decided that we were going to be a little ambitious.. and work really hard this past week- so we set some pretty high goals and were really excited to work hard!  When... we recieved a called on monday night that said that my comp. was invited to the leadership meeting in Guadalajara the next day.. so that kind of ruined our plans.  So she left early the next morning, and returned thursday morning, and I was sent to Guacamayas with Hermana Taylor and Hermana Moran for 2 days!  I got to sleep in a hammock each night, and it was all very fun.  Even though I wasn't in my own area, my comp and I decided that I would still try to work hard to acheive our goals, even if it wasn't in our area.  
Then the week continued to go by super fast... on friday we had our zone meeting, and in the break my leaders asked if I could put together a musical number.  It was the last zone meeting of my first STL, so I got to sing a little solo for her and we both started to cry towards the end with a few others.. of course that would happen.  But it was really sweet. 
We also had a few changes with our 'Normas de Excelencia' which make me feel a little better, that I can complete them, because they were super high, and I just hope that I can complete them. 
Then on Sunday we didn't have any investigators show up to church.. but a famliy that we have been working with and love a lot finally came to church so that was great! :)  The other thing is that we are in the same ward as the Zone Leaders, and they already knew the changes but they wouldn't tell us... so we my comp just left me to go to be a Sister Training Leader- and that makes 4 out of my 5 companions that were sent to be sister training leaders.  And one of them just went to to her house today.. so it's kind of funny. :)
My new comp. is called Hermana Hernandez, is from D.F. Mexico (mexico city) and will finish her mission in 2 transfers (so about 3 months).  She's already great, and is enjoying the heat a lot. ;)  

Everything else is going well, and I am excited for this change!  I just hope I know the area well enough and don't get lost... 

Love you all!
Hermana Zimmerman

p.s. if any of you haven't seen 'He is the Gift' i invite you all to look it up on youtube, and share it on facebook. :)  This video really touches my heart every time I watch it, and it makes me think a lot more about what impact has the birth of Jesus in our lives.  Really without Him we couldn't return to live with our Heavenly Father, we couldn't overcome the trials and sins that we have in our lives, and we couldn't be happy, this plan that our God created for us would NOT have a purpose.  I leave you with John 3:16.  'de tal manera Dios amo al mundo, que ha mandado a su hijo Unigenito.. PARA TI'.  :) (or something like that..)
 8 months in the mission
 someone decorated a tree in front of our church :D
Zone Meeting- pic with the whole zone! :) Best zone ever..

 New companion Hermana Hernandez
old companion Hermana Enriquez
 eating donuts with Hermana White, Hermana Valdez
(today while we were waiting for our comps to arrive)
 Hermana J. in our ward. :)
Lazaro Cardenas

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