Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Week 12

One more week gone by..  It's weird to think that tomorrow I will have been in the mission for 3 months! 
This past week was kind of boring... a lot of our appointments fell through, I think it's because right now is the soccer world cup so a lot of people are.. not in their houses.  Or something, but when we don't have lessons we have the opportunity to talk with people in the street, so that is good!  :) 
Also, this week in my personal study I had a pretty cool experience with the story of Joseph Smith.  I was reading the testimony of Joseph Smith in the front part of the Book of Mormon, and I  had the spirit bear witness to me that Joseph Smith was a prophet.  And that literally through him we have the restaured gospel.  It was so cool, haha I started crying.  But it was very cool to read and imagine that this actually happened. 
  Sorry this is so short.. but I am ok.  When it rains, it pours.  But I bought boots last week  so I am ok there. :)  haha ok, so it rained practically every day last week except  one or two, and I didn't wear sunscreen, so right now I am pretty fried... but it's ok. :)  Oh and my espanol is super good!  I think :) yay!
Love you tons!
Hermana Zimmerman
 Call me Hermana Pan (Peter Pan, I feel like I looked like peter pan this day with my green cardigan and  my boots)

 A daughter of a member family in the ward wanted to do my hair... Don't judge :)

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