Monday, July 14, 2014

Week 14

Buenas tardes familia y amigos.
hahaha :) 
This week was a learning one for me.  Ok, every week I am learning.. but this week especially I learned or am in the process of becoming a missionary that the Lord would be proud of, can trust, and will be an instrument in His hands.  I am learning to teach the lessons well because right now I'm kind of a mess.. ok, not bad, but I complicate the lessons.  And so I am working really hard during our practices to teach clearly and simply. 
Also, it has become apparent that I don't have a certain attribute of Christ... Patience.  So this week I have been working on being patient.. haha my companion said at the beginning of the week 'I don't want to be here when you learn patience'.  haha but this is something I need to improve in my life.  And we all need.. We read this week in the Ensign (and I want ALL to read this as well) the talk 'Becoming Perfect in Christ'.  I think.. haha i don't know the title in English..
This week we had interviews with President Camarillo.  My companion and I were first (I think..) and I had an awesome interview with him.  Every time I talk with him or his wife I feel so loved.  Like I am talking to my father.  He really is the best!  I learned a ton. 
Haha also, my companion taught me how to make french toast with CHOCOLATE!  it's soo good. :) 
Hope all is well at home, and wherever everyone else is.  Love you all tons, and know that the Savior and Heavenly Father love you more. :)
Hermana Zimmerman
1-Lunch-Dinner with the Young women in our Ward!
2-Selfie for your enjoyment... #DeNada

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