Monday, July 7, 2014

17 miracles ;D

Querido Familia y Amigos!
Hola! :)  Haha the title of this email isn't correct, we didn't have 17 miracles, but we did have a few.  :)
This week was the baptim of O. and B.!!!  And it was very special and a little bit stressful.  When we have baptisms we're supposed to visit with our investigators every day, but the both of them work, so we could only visit with them for a few days.. Also, we just barely recieved a bishop in our ward, so he is awesome, and new.  And he couldn't do the baptism when we had planned at 5, so the night before we changed it to 7, and basically everyone knew when the baptism was except for the couple being baptized, because we needed to tell them in person, to make sure it was still ok.  We also didn't have certain clothes for the baptism. 
BUT- Lesson:  Specific prayers
When we pray it is very important that we pray for specific things, if we want specific answers.  So this saturday for the baptism we had a lot of things that we weren't sure were going to happen.  So we said a specific prayer in the morning, and literally EVERYTHING that I had prayed for-was a success!  For example, we didn't have white pants for the Brother who was to perform the baptism, plus another brother wanted to perform the baptism, so we had 2 men perform the baptisms.  Basically, all turned out all right because we said a specific prayer.  And we prayed with faith that all would be all right- I think this is the most important part of prayer.  Is that when we pray we need to have faith that all will be all right, and that we will recieve an answer to our prayers.  We teach this concept SO much, because it is very important. 
Yesterday in sacrament meeting was like Christmas. :)  O. and B. showed up for their confirmation, our other recent convert was there, and a few of our other investigators were at church as well, one even a little early!  It was also Testimony meeting, which turned out AWESOME!!!  We had a lot of the members share their testimonies, and all were special.  I want to share 2 though- 1-By R.  Our convert as of 2 weeks ago.  He was able to baptize O. and was so excited and happy to be able to do so. He bore his testimony about how he knew that this was a change, and how happy he was to make this change in his life.  And how words couldn't describe his feelings of happiness when he was able to baptize someone else.  
Then O. bore his testimony (and he was a little nervous, so he asked if we would go up with him)  and he bore his testimony about how before he met us his life a little different.  He was doing some things that he knew wasn't right, so for a few weeks when we were teaching him and his family, he didn't want to listen.  But he said that we were very persistent, and wouldn't let him go away. :)  So he said that he wanted to make a change in his life.  And that he was ready to make this change, for his daughter.  To be an example for her.  (and they have one on the way!)  
Also, both of our converts paid their tithing yesterday and were so excited to do so!! When we taught O. about tithing he had said 'well, I have a lot to pay. This house is expesive, the gas is expensive, the car is expensive, my wife is in school and that is expensive.  But I know that this is something I need to do.'  So they paid their tithing-WOOHOO!
Our new Bishop was the Ward Mission Leader, so he is absolutely awesome.  Him and his family are SO willing to help out!  We visited with him for a little bit yesterday, and he said 'Hermana Zimmerman.  Thank you very much for sharing your testimony in Sacrament meeting today.  And thank you for singing at the baptism with Hna. Garcia.  I felt the spirit very strong when you sang in English.  It was very powerful.'  This was an answer to something my Mission President had said.  A few weeks ago when we were in Guadalajara Pte. Camarillo said that I need to use my voice to help this ward, to use in this area.  It's funny because it's something I had never thought about.  We all know that Rachel is the singer in the family, not me.  Yet I have sung so much here-not yet in church, but a lot of other places.  How cool? :)

One last story.  This week we were visiting with a family who are some of my favorites!! We usually visit with the mom and her three daughters.  This week the oldest daughter (who is 7) has started reading the Book of Mormon!  She started reading it by herself, and we told her to pray and ask God if it is true.  Yesterday we visited with them, and she said 'Hermanas, I prayed to see if what I was doing was good or bad.  If reading the Book of Mormon was good.  And I received an answer in my heart, that was I was doing was correct.  And that the book was true.'     AHhhhh, how special!  So challenge- :)  If this 7 year old can read the Book of Mormon, and pray to know that it is true, so can we all.  (cough cough Eliza and Laura ;))  So my challenge is to read the Book of Mormon all the way through, or at least start reading parts.  And then pray to God to ask if it is true.  I PROMISE, that if you pray with a sincere heart, wanting to know the truth (Moroni 10:3-5) you will receive an answer.

Quiero compartir un poco de mi testimonio con ustedes.  Que yo se que el Libro de Mormon es verdadero.  Que esta iglesia es La Iglesia de Jesucristo.  Que estes dias son los ultimos dias, entonces necesitamos tratar estes dias con cuidado.  Si... :)  

Love you all!! Oh and we need more people to teach, so anyone who reads this, if you could pray for the people in Michoacan, that would be great. :)

Con gran amor,
Hermana Zimmerman
 Baptism of O & B on a Beautiful Saturday!

We found treats that are like otter pops. :P 
This one is for Sister R. Zimmerman, because she sent a pic of her with a horse last week. :)

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