Monday, July 21, 2014

Into the Fire - week 15

Haha I don't know why I titled this into the fire.. haha but we had dinner with a family last week that said that these next 40 days are called the '40 days of heat' so that's exciting. :) It actually hasn't been too hot, so that is good.  But I have another reason for calling this email 'into the fire'.
This is because this week I felt like personally I was in the furnace.  Of personal change.  I had a nice little chat with my companion about how I need to change some things.  BUT DON'T WORRY, all is well. :)  My companion is direct, but always ends with 'it's because I love you' which reminds me tons of my family.  So through her guidance I can become the person that God wants me to be.  Because right now I know for a fact that I am not perfect.  BUT, thruogh Christ and His Atonement I can become perfect. I am in the process of a change that I didn't think I needed, but I know I need now.  A part of Preach My Gospel is about the Attributes of Christ, how as missionaries we not only need to know the Gospel, but WHO WE ARE as missionaries is very important.  We can't teach just to teach, we have to know, and have a testimony of what we teach, and really be the example of Jesus Christ.  A part of the Missionary Handbook says- 'You and your companion are assigned to a specific proselyting area.  You represent the Lord in this area and are responsible for obtaining His direction in carrying out your assignment and blessing the people there.'  I LOVE this!  Because literally, as missionaries we are His representatives in our areas.  It doesn't matter what happens during the day, if we didn't have as many lessons as we wanted, if we were rejected, anything.  As long as we are trying to do what Jesus Christ would do, we can be successful. 
This week we contacted a family of 3, 2 parents and their child who is 5.  Ahhh they are so awesome!  We explained the Plan of Salvation, and the little boy is very smart, and had lots of questions. :)  During most of the lessons the mom kept saying 'how beautiful!'  Ahhh we felt the spirit very strong during this lesson.  And we hope that they will progress, because they weren't at church today.. BUT, we have lessons planned with them tomorrow! :) 
I love the Gospel, I love my Lord and Redeemer, I love my family, I love my ward, and I love my life and am very grateful for all of the opportunities that I have been given.  And I love you all!  :) 
Until next time ;)
Hermana Zimmerman
 1-sunset because I love Mexico and the sunn..
2-my comp and i are cool.

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