Monday, June 23, 2014

Week 11 - First Baptism !

This week was very special.  We had the baptism of R!!! (I'm not sure if I can say names.. haha so R :))  Background about him-
He has been investigating the church for about 2 years, and his wife is a member.  They have 2 little kids who are adorable, the eldest who is 3 is afraid of my eyes, and the youngest who is about 1 is the cutest thing ever.  For a long time he hasn't wanted to listen to the missionaries, but when I arrived, my first time visiting him and his family he let us in and invited us to have dinner with them another day.  My companion kept saying how this was such a miracle because before he didn't want to listen, but now he did!  So we continued to teach him, and a couple weeks ago during a lesson with his wife A, I said that I felt that he is ready to be baptized.  She was shocked, but it turns out that 2 days or so later we invited him to be baptized in the next 2 weeks, and he said yes!!  So this saturday was his baptism.  And he was sooo happy, and soo ready.  His wife gave a talk before the baptism and shared how she had been praying for a long time for this day, and it was finally here!  After R was baptized he shared how he has so many testimonies that this church is true.  And is honestly so happy, and ready to be a part of this church for the rest of his life.  There were tears shed. :)
That morning we also had an activity with the youth in the ward, a missionary activity! This was very fun, my comp. and I went with some young women leaders and 3 youth to visit a few families in the ward, and the other young men went with the elders in our ward.  It was a very fun experience for all of us, and afterwards we ate with the youth, and then also with another family.. haha whoops.  During the second meal I had to loosen my belt, which my companion thought was very funny.  I'm starting to eat a lot more- eat like a missionary.  :)

One thing that I really learned this week was about happiness.  That in this life there are a lot of things that make us 'happy' but there are different types of happiness.  I have experienced happiness a lot in my life, but the happiness I felt this week at the baptism and at church was a different kind of happiness.  The happiness that this gospel brings is SOOO much more than we other things brings us.  
Also, every Sunday at church I consider to be Christmas.  When our investigators show up to church it is the GREATEST gift ever!!!! This week we were especially happy because one of our investigators who we didn't think would come, came by himself!! He usually comes with a family in the ward, but they didn't come, so he came by himself and we didn't even remind him!!! 

About Mexico.. I really enjoy living here.  Also, today I broke my record of how long it took to wash all of my clothes!! ONLY 1 HOUR AND 25 MINUTES!!! Haha woohoo! :)  And my hands are only bleeding a little.  
Also, the rain is starting to come a lot.... but it will be a fun experience!  

Love you all tons, have a fantastic week!

Con el amor del TODO el mundo,
Hermana Zimmerman

1-Baptism of R with his family :)
2-selfie of me and my companion because we tend to match some days.. :)

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