Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Week 10

haha sorry for not emailing yesterday!!! I forgot to mention that I had to travel to Guadalajara yesterday for a check up on my 12 Weeks (first weeks, training). So we picked up 2 other Hermanas in Morelia Sunday night and then traveled to Guadalajara at 6 in the morning, so we woke up at 4:30. :)  Woohoo!  haha we were very tired.  But our trip was very fun, and I was able to see the amazing growth of the other Hermanas that arrived the same time as me!  Then because the other hermanas live so far away they stayed again with us last night.
This week I feel like I can finally remember what happened. :)  So I have some stories!
1-We are teaching a man I will call M.  He is older, but so receptive to the Gospel.  Anything we teach, he believes, and any time we stop by he says 'Hermanas, I was just thinking about you!'  And always thanks us for our visits.  This day we were teaching a few of the commandments, The Word of Wisdom.  As we were teaching this we told  him what he couldn't take anymore.  Including coffee.  It was pretty funny because he said 'I accept this completely.  I believe in this.  But.... why coffee?????'  He has been drinking coffee for years, and said that he wish he had known to stop drinking coffee earlier.  But he said 'I know that this is possible.'  Ahhh he was so awesome. :)  All things are possible when we have Faith in Christ!
2-  We have a thing here where we HCT (Hablar Con Todos or Talk With Everyone)  But since I am new I don't know who we've talked with, and my companion doesn't tell me.  So we were walking down the street and I started talking with a lady who was kind of shy, but she accepted to hear more, so I wrote down her address!  As we were walking about my comp. said that they had already talked with her and she didn't want to hear about the Gospel, BUT she had said yes to me!  So we went to visit her one day, and she opened the door a crack.  Just a little bit, so we knew we wouldn't be let in.  But, we decided to share a message at the door, by singing a hymn (I'm a Child of God (our go-to))  and asked to bless her home with a prayer, and asked if she had anything she would like us to bless her with.  As we were teaching for the short time, slowly she opened the door more.  And she had tears in her eyes, and started to smile more, because also she didn't seem very happy in the beginning.  At the end we asked her to give the closing prayer, which she did.  The spirit was SOOO strong in this lesson!  Oh, I felt soo good afterwards.  When we went to teach her again she was just leaving so we couldn't.  But she had a smile on her face when she saw it was us at the door!  Which was definitely different than before.  I already know that we are making a difference in her life. :)  

Oh, also this past week we had a Zone Conference which was very fun as well.   My zone is really awesome, and especially my mission president and his wife.  They know how to console and how to teach, and how to be obedient, and how... todo. :)  

This past week was also interesting because we had such spiritual highs, but at the same time my stomach was a mess.. haha it hurt so bad a couple days.  But, I am feeling better and it is not impeding the work.  :)

Love you all!!! Have an amazing week!!! 

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