Monday, June 2, 2014

Week 3 in Mexico

Hola everyone!  Sorry, I literally have no time to email today.  my companion and I had to make a little trek to Morelia, the center of Michoacan to get money, so I have basically no time to email.
Basically, being a missionary is hard work.  I hadn't felt much rejection until yesterday.   I feel like everyone we talked to yesterday said that they were Catholic and don't need anything else, and that they didn't want to listen to this message.But those in our ward who are active have such powerful testimonies. 
   Every day continues to be hot, but I would like to tell you a little about a family that we are teaching.  It is a young couple who has one daughter who is 1 year and a half old.  Man, haha the little girl makes me want kids sooo bad...  ;)  after the mission, clearly.  And she is pregnant with another daughter. The mom now has 5  times that she has been to church, and the last time we talked with her we invited her to be baptized again, AND SHE ACCEPTED!!! She has such faith, and wants to know the truth.  Her family and her husband's family is Catholic, so they clearly are not very supportive.. She has a baptismal date for next week and we are so excited!  At the end of that day my companion said ' este dia es el mejor dia de la mision!!'  'this is the best day of my mission!'  haha kinda those words... anyway, it was awesome.
Also, we talked to man yesterday who was Catholic, and he said that he would pray for us.. . so that's cool, I guess I'll be saved no matter what :)
 Other than that things are good.  My companion really is the best.  Her goal is for me to be a trainer after my 12 weeks of training is over.  But we'll see.
I really feel like my language is  really good.  I understand so much.    
Love you all , and know that God loves you more than you could ever know.   And that we are  so lucky to have been blessed with a knowledge of this Gospel.  Because we are so blessed, please share this message of the Gospel with those you come in contact with.
 Love you all!!!  Here are a few pics from the mission :)
   Con MUCHO AMOR!!!!
Hermana Zimmerman
p.s.  I DONT HAVE CHICKEN POX!! Haha it was from too much sun... so  I now have some special sun screen and special water I have to spray on my back and arms every 12  hours. :)

Tarimbaro with the best comp. ever Hermana Garcia!

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