Monday, May 26, 2014

Week 2 in Mexico

This week was a lot better.  I am settling into the lovely Mexican lifestyle and have decided that when I return 16 months from now, and when I have kids, once a week we are going to have 'The Day of Mexico' where one day a week we eat Mexican food.  Wash our clothes by hand, shower with a bucket... the whole deal.  Can't wait! 
The food is actually pretty good.. they pretty much each everything with salsa, so I need to get used to hot food, but that will come... I hope..
The people here are wonderful!!  All so nice, we have some baptisms coming up soon I hope, but we will see.  The people really are just the best.  
It is really hot some days.. but I seem to not feel it.  Sure I sweat as I am climbing the steep hills in our area, but I don't feel it that much, which is definitely a blessing of the Lord.
 Every day I think about the people I love and miss from home.  Then also think of the missionary quote- what a missionary is.  (someone who leaves their family for 2 years (or 18 months) so that others can live with their families for eternity).  And this is  what keeps me going.     So that these people here can live with their families for eternity.  Also, because there are so many families here it really makes me want to be a mom... hahaha  my companion keeps telling me 'in 18 months!'  haha but the Mexican children are too cute.  I want them.. :)
Also, it was kind of funny... 2 days ago when we went to eat with a family, their son had some bumps on his arms, so they asked if I had ever had this disease that the  child had, and I couldn't really  understand the question, so just said no.. anyway, yesterday I found a nice little bump on my arm, and my companion started to act a little weird..  basically it might be chicken pox.  So if it is, I have to be quarentined in our house for the next 2 weeks, but we aren't sure, yet, but we'll find out today!
I want to write real quick some things I am thankful for:
1-hot, running water for the shower.  Sure, buckets are nice, but you know...
2-washing machines.  oh how I miss washing machines!  My hands bled a little today from trying to wash my clothes, that I kind of dread p-day because of this.  But besides having to do my own laundry with my hands, things are good.
 3-hmmm... my mom. :) and my family of course, but especially you mom! 
The name of the city I'm serving in is Tarimbaro, Michoacan !  I think, our area is Aeropuerto.  haha sorry.  Also, my area is basically  (I think) the far North-East part of the mission.
Haha and sorry about forgetting to mention my companions name... haha Yup!  Hermana Garcia, she has been her 9 months now and never wants to leave the mission.   She is from Mexico City, and is 22 years old!  She really has been a lifesaver with my doubts.  Her english is decent, more than most people, because she had another  'gringa' companion.  When I first met my companion here she said that I am the first 'gringa' in the area, so she was super excited :)  and I am her 2nd gringa companion, and 3rd companion that is a twin!  so that is pretty cool. :)

That is my week.  Life moves on, I hope to focus each day and work hard.   This opportunity is once in a lifetime and I probably won't be coming back here after the mission... so I need to enjoy these next 16 months that I have here in Mexico.  Also, I will most likely be stayin here for the next 6 months!

Here are some  pics from the mish!  My companion really is the best.  Also, we did divisions (splits?) a day last week and I was with 2 other hermanas, and they had grafitti of chicken little!  So of course I had to take a pic. :)

 First Area Tarimbara Michoacan
 going on splits with another Hermana
 I think the Laundry room??
Beautiful sunset :D

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