Monday, May 19, 2014

I made it through my first week in Mexico!!

Haley had only a small amount of time to write this week and apologizes for not having any time to write or e-mail friends. She really must have been rushed. I know that is must be hard getting use to a different key board and trying to upload pictures in short amount of time. This left her mom with lots of questions that will need to be answered next week. :D For instance the name of town "Aeropuerto" she said she is serving in, translated means airport. So googleing it was completely worthless, unless their is a town named airport. Our searches only came up with actual international airports. I'll try to get more info. from her for next week. I am just grateful that with pictures I could zoom in to see what her companion's name is. It is Hermana Garcia and she looks very kind and I'm sure she is taking good care of my Haley. Here is her week:

I have officially made it to Mexico!!! It is exciting but there is a lot of work to do.  In my area of Aeropuerto 2 there are lots of hills.  And I mean lots.  Well actually just like 4, but considering that just my area is hills it is a lot to take in and to walk every day.  We have taken the bus a few times this past week.  Also, my area is about 3 1-2 hours outside of Guadalajara.  So my first day we rook  3 hour bus ride to our area.  

Most days are super hot, but it is supposed to rain soon which is not something that I am looking forward to. Because there are lots of hills I feel that I am going to slip most of the time.  When it will rain... 

Besides that I bet you would like to know my situation of living. :)  We do have a shower that has running water, along with a toilet.. but it is cool.  So every morning we heat up water on our nice little stove and microwave and shower with a bucket.   It really isn´t that bad, just really different.  Another awesome part of the mission is how we wash our clothes.  We have an awesome sink thing that we take a handful of soap and scrub our clothes with.  Then we hang our clothes outside, so it is actually a pretty cool experience.   Also, we have about 2 meals a day here, one  when we wake up, and then one with members usually around 3.  The food honestly hasn´t been bad. It really hasn´t, it´s just different.  I haven´t really finished a meal, but at the same time I´m completely not sure what I have eaten.. usually chicken I think.  

The first night I think I only received about 7 mosquito bites, so that is also good.  hahaha and I am sunburned now on my neck, but it isn´t bad!  

The language is definitely coming along.  I feel like I learned a lot in the CCM, but here is a lot different.  My companion is from Mexico City I believe and has been in the mission for about 8 months I think!  She really is SUCH a hard worker.  This past week we´ve fallen short of most of our goals, but this week hopefully my legs will be ok running everywhere.  Without her I really feel like I would be lost, because she is the best.  Really, the best missionary out there.

I think the best part of the mission so far is the people.  All of the women always greet each other with a quick handshake and a kiss on the cheek, which I thought was super weird at first, but now I really like it.  It shows a lot of respect everyone has for each other.  

I think this area is really beautiful, the houses are very colorful which I think is awesome!  However, it´s kind of funny because a lot of people ask what I think of it and when I say I think it is beautiful they start to laugh.  Apparently other parts of the mission are prettier.  But it doesn´t matter, this is all I know.  :)

Mexicans also have a hard time saying my name, so one the 2nd day I was here we were talking with a family and the boy said ¨Hermana Superman¨ , so that is my name.  Hermana Superman.  It´s pretty funny.

The people here really are the best though.  I don´t know what I expected from the mission, but this wasn´t it. It is difficult work, but knowing all the Jesu Cristo did for me makes it worth it.  My companion reminds me of this every day.  

One funny story real quick.. we were having a lesson with a woman and this man started talking with us.  Basically he kept asking me questions over and over again, and I didn´t quite understand.  So my companion wrote in English so I could understand his intentions ¨he just wants to talk to you because he thinks you beautiful.¨ hahahaha oh man.  

With that I say goodbye|

 First day in Guadalajara with Pres. and Hermana Camarillo
 New Companion Hermana Garcia
 My First area!! Yea! somewhere 3 1/2 from Guadalajara


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