Thursday, May 1, 2014

Week 4 - To All Missionaires

One more week gone by in the blink of an eye!
This week my companion and I hardly taught anyone.  Which was weird... but instead we were able to study more which is awesome!   Also, for those about to go on missions soon, the teachers here are the absolute best.  I LOVE THEM! 
This week went by so fast I don't even remember details.. haha sorry!  But we had another awesome experience this past week with our Tuesday night devotional!! We had Elder D. Todd Christofferson!!!!  Oh my, he did such a good job.  His talk was mainly about Trust, and how we need to earn God's trust.  And oh man it was so powerful.  One part that really touched me was he was describing the relationship between King David and God (before King David decided to do some not-so-good things)  God even said this of him: 'He is like me unto my own heart."  How AMAZING would it be to have God trust us so much that he would say that our heart, our desires, everything about us is LIKE HIM?!?  So amazing.  Another part of the talk, he said "the Lord will trust us, but not until the very end"  which had another big impact on me.  We need to be doing all we can to gain the Lord's trust.  It's not something that just comes. Which leads me to another quote.. "It is greater to be trusted than to be loved".  We know that we are all loved by our Heavenly Father.  That is just a simple fact, but can our Father trust us with his Gospel?  With His plan?  Are we willing to submit to His will and do whatever he wants us to do?  Wooow, that just hit me strongly.  Just to reiterate:  God loves, us, but he only trusts us after we are willing to follow his commandments.  That was so amazing for me to hear.  
Right after that devotional we had another cool experience with our district, when we got together to share our thoughts about the devotional.  It was SO amazing, everyone cried, because of the Spirit.  We all felt it SO strongly and were impacted by it SOO much.  The fact that my district cried is definitely significant, because they never cry... never.  It was amazing.  
One more story that was from Elder Christofferson's talk, in my own words, and with my opinion a little..

Imagine you are driving in a train looking out the window at night.  All you can see (because it is dark) is your own reflection.  You can't see out of the window, because it is so dark.  As we are driving along we know that there is a beautiful sight outside, with lots of poeple.  Now comparing this to missionary work, we are all in the train, driving though the night.  Looking outside right now we can only see the reflection of ourselves.  WE are the reason it is dark outside.  So my question is, WHEN are we/you going to let the light (of Christ) come in?  Let the sun come up and show us the way.  We need to stop focusing on ourselves and let the light come in so that our reflection isn't the only thing we see.
Sorry, I did not do that story justice, and it probably doesn't make any sense.  Just think of a train ride where it is dark, and you only see your reflection, and then at some point the light comes in and you are able to see past yourself, into the world.  And basically see others who need help.  

Love and miss you all!! I have 1.5 more weeks in the CCM!! It has gone by so fast!  Mexico is calling! ;)

Hermana Zimmerman
 My District with the new Hermanas

My twin is serving in Scottsdale AZ  - Thanks Rachel & Mom

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