Thursday, April 24, 2014

Week 3 - Easter in the MTC :D

Hola Amigas/os!!!  Haha, so this week went by SOOO fast!  I can't believe it's P-day already.

But, I have to let you all in on some super cool news... so this week for our devotionals we not only got to hear from not one... not two... but THREE general authorities!!! Well within the past 2 weeks... The first, Neil L. Anderson, and then for Easter Sunday we got to hear from..... PRESIDENT DIETER F. UCHTDORF!!!!!! Holy blessed!!!! Ahhh his message was so good, I want to share part of it:
He talked mainly about the Resurrection, and about missionary work, but focused on two missionaries.  The first being Peter, and how before Christ was resurrected he denied him 3 times.  THREE!  Then after the Resurrection, he had a change of heart, and denied him no more.  He became a stalwart missionary after that!!  Next he talked about a missionary from 30 years ago (?) Elder Richiardi (?) who served in England.  He was the ultimate missionary, and shared his message boldly!   Every morning he would say to himself in the mirror 
"I fear no man!"
Every morning.  One of his companion's thought he was working too hard and such, but ended up learning a ton from him.  Elder R.  Would share his message with anyone and everyone, never backing down!  
So President Uchtdorf asked us "What kind of witness are YOU going to be?"

Wow.  Haha, it made me realize that I need to study a lot more and be really focused on this gospel.  Also, one other thing he said was "When people know that your love, you can never be too bold."  So love all people, and then people will want to listen to you.  That doesn't apply only to missionaries. :)    

Also, I GOT TO SHAKE HANDS WITH PRESIDENT UCHTDORF TWICE!!!  I really feel so lucky.  I sang in the choir with my friends, and if I had been sitting one row closer to the front I would have been able to shake his hand right after the devotional.  However, while we were eating dinner on West Campus he came to visit us!  So I shook his hand twice. :)  

Then this past tuesday we had another special speaker, Elder Dallin H. Oaks!!!  3 apostles, in just under 2 weeks.  His message was of course also on missionary work.  One thing that I really liked was that part of the mission includes the "challenge to Become."  As in anyone can achieve stuff.  And do stuff that we are supposed to do.  But some people go on their missions and aren't changed in their hearts.  sooo, we need to Become missionaries.  
Also, one last quote for him "Whom the Lord calls, the Lord qualifies".   So, as missionaries, or just in our callings in the church or just in life... The Lord will help us qualify for our duty/job/calling.

With investigators... My companion and I keep getting more!! It's kind of a problem.. but a good problem.  We just have a lot of people to teach but not much time to study for them.. This probably doesn't sound like much, or maybe it does.  But we were supposed to teach 5 people yesterday!  And after one lesson, we were walking to class and ran into a "gold-tag investigator"  who started talking to us and wants us to teach him.  But we can't because we have class when he wants us to teach him... 

Anyway, the language is coming.  I really understand most everything, it's just putting sentences together in my head that make sense to respond is hard.... but I'm working on it!  3 weeks down!

Everything is good.  I am healthy.  And I leave to Mexico in 2.5 weeks. WAHOO! 
 Artistic rendering of my district
picture that inspired my drawing
The hand that shook Pres. Uchtdorf's hand!

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