Thursday, April 10, 2014

First Week Down - MTC Provo

Hi everyone!!! :)  I have officially completed my first week in the MTC!! Today is my first P-day... so i went without one last week technically!!  It has been so great!!! :)  Spanish is kind of hard to pick up on... french and spanish are not similar AT ALL!!  But my companion took 3 years of Italian and has lived all over the world (she grew up in the military so she's lived in Korea, Italy, Germany, South Carolina, Pennsylvania.. i don't even remember where else!)  So she is a blessing.  She understands so much more than I do and pretty much leads the lessons.. but I am slowly getting the hang of it!  I can pray and bear my testimony in spanish.. and I know the whole "Missionary Purpose" in spanish so that is good. :)
Ahh i don't even know what to say... haha we have already taught 5 investigators only in spanish so far.  So that is cool... haha our first lesson was rough.  And we hardly have a teacher for most of the time, but it is fun!  We have 2 investigators now and my favorite one is N.. I don't know if we are allowed to use names.  But she has so many questions and even though we have only talked with her once, SHE IS AMAZING!!! So loving, and always says hi to us and gives us hugs.. she is just the best..
So, I played what are the odds this week and ate a jalepino this week.... 
Here are some pics!! I just kind of selected random ones.. 
In my "district" there are 8 of us!! 4 sisters (all of us going to Guadalajara East) and 4 elders!  All of them are going to Monterrey West (mom is that where Elder Rollins is or Elder Curtis?? I forgot..) except one elder is going to my mission as well!!! So it is super fun.  My companion is from all over the world and she really is the best.  She is a hard working, caring, funny, and yeah... I just love my companeros/as all around!!  Oh and also someone should tell Hannah Scoresby that she should send me her wedding invitation.. that would be cool.  And that Aubree Matheson's friend and a kid in Taylor Stallings ward and I think Tyson Clark's ward is in my class!  Elder Kimball.  For those friends at USU i'm sending this email to..

Oh, today we don't really get a p-day because we have to travel to the Mexican Consulate in Salt Lake to get our visas!!!  So I don't have much time to email.... but that is my week!!  All is awesome, i love mail, but really letters and DearElder is the best.. 


Oh and conference was wonderful.  I really liked Elder Holland's talk about standing as a witness even though you stand along.. WATCH CONFERENCE!!
Hermana Zimmerman :)
 My Companion Hermana Campbell
 Hermana's McBride, Buttars, Campbell & Haley
Studying Spanish !!

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