Monday, August 24, 2015

tenemos bien mucho trabajo.... ;) translation- "while we have much work....;)"

Oka, so not much time to write today...

but- we had 2 baptisms this past week!!! There is a big family in my ward, and for a long time they haven't gone to church... but they got reactivated, and the 2 grandkids got baptized!  In every prayer as we were teaching them 'please help me so that i can be baptized'.... they were a little nervous, but everything turned out well.  

This week I wanted to share real quick a little bit more about our chosen investigator Hermana R!  This week when we went to visit with her she shared with us a few of the blessings she has already seen in her life ever since she started listening to our message... First off, we met her about a week and a half ago, but only taught the basic of our message, and on sunday in one of the classes we talked about the word of wisdom, and she had questions so we gave her a phamphlet, and then when we went on wednesday to visit her she had already read that phamphlet, and the one about the restoration, and answered the questions in the back, AND had been doing her prayers and read the Book of Mormon.  When we invited her to pray every day she said she  prayers every minute, because ever since sunday, she hasn't smoked, or drinken coffee!!!!!!! :D  Then, she said that she hasn't been able to see her grand daughter for about 2 years, but the mom called her this week and told her that she could see her!!! AND she said that she might have to work the sundays in september.. BUT on saturday she said that the day before at work her boss told everyone that they were going to have to work every sunday in the month of september.  But her boss called her over, personally, and said 'i know you need to tell me something.'  so she was going to lie... but she told her the truth, that she was going to church, and she was preparing to be baptized, that is why she needed sundays off.  AND HE GAVE HER EVERY SUNDAY IN SEPTEMBER!!!!  The only bad thing was yesterday she couldn't go to church because her boss made her work so that she can have a break in september... so I am praying a lot that everything goes well so that she can be baptized before I leave... :)  I have always wanted to teach someone like her... 

Everything seems to be going well... to be honest there is a lot of work to do here.  So many members to visit.. less actives.. investigators... but the people here are wonderful.. 5 weeks left... :O  

love you all!  Have a great week in school everyone ;)  

Hermana Zimmerman
 a family that will be moving this week.. :( 
a cute member family with their newborn puppies..

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