Monday, August 17, 2015

Last Tansfer !!!

Ok, today was transfers and... I'm staying!! Not that much of a surprise because I am training... but In any form, that means my whole misión has been lived in 3 áreas.... But I feel blessed because I was able to serve 3 very different áreas and wards.  And I get to finish here in Guadalajara!  Home of the 'torta ahogada'.. basically 'drowned sandwich'.  haha fun fact- it's a special food here known in Guadalajara, and is basically a sándwich drenched in tomatoe spicy sauce. Not as good as it sounds.. haha ;)
But I feel like I am finally getting the hang of things here in the misión.  And more tan anything the área.  Little by Little we are getting so close to completing the misión goals, and we would have completed a few of them if we hadn't gone to Morelia last week. But yay!!
This week we received a reference from a member on tuesday, so on friday we went to contact her, and she was very prepared and great, Hna. R.  First off we basically got lost trying to find her house.. but we did find her, and it was a Little funny because she was expecting sisters a Little bit older.. so she had prepared cookies and coffee.  At the end she gave us wáter and told us that she had always seen this member at work, how happy he was, and that she wanted what he had.  So he shared with her the góspel, and ever since then she said she has had a lot more peace in her life.  She accepted a baptismal date very easily, and went to church yesterday.  :)  Afterwards, I asked how she liked it and she said 'it was beautiful, but hard...' or basically that there are a lot of things she wants to change in her life, but she is working on it. :)  I love her!
Everything else has been pretty smooth.. these people are great, and time is going by faster and faster.... I can't believe I am in my last transfer in the misión... that last 6 weeks... WOW.  But we should have lots of success in this last transfer.
Have a great week!! :)
Hermana Zimmerman

wow.. so this week I basically didn't take any pics... so here is a pic of a donut and chocolate-cinamon milk that a youth made us after she went with us to visit people, and a pic of what my comp does when she gets stressed... haha we were in the middle of planning and I look over and found her like this.. don't worry, it was just a trim.

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