Monday, July 20, 2015

WOW! Seeing Success :)

Hey everyone!!

So, things in my area are going really well so far.  This past week I had some of the best results? (or goals..?) that I have had in a while, and we almost completed with all of our goals.  WOOT! 

For starters- last monday we contacted a reference from the other ward we share our chapel with, and it is a FAMILY!  They are so great, the parents and 2 of the kids have accepted to be baptized, and they have a lot of desire to learn more and accept the gospel.  The dad has known the church for about a year now and has been to a few of the other chapels here in Guadalajara, but his whole family came on sunday!  He has expressed to us his sincere desire to be baptized, and how he would like to be sealed to his family.  Yesterday after church we went to visit them, and the dad told us 'I prayed.. and now I am here.'  He has a lot of faith that his family will accept this gospel.  Today his son left to FSY (EFY)!  

Then, SUPER FUN, we had a ward activity!! Like I said last week- 'Viaje a Hawaii!!'  We constructed a plane in the church, and the 3 glories.. we had investigatores enter the plane, where we had pilots and flight attendents, snacks and everything.  They started off the plane ride, and then the plane 'crashed' (with suuuper cool sound effects) and they all 'died'.  But then my comp and I greeted them and showed them the 3 kingdoms of glory, where they could go after this life.  It was super fun, we had a few investigators show up, including the new family, and members, that also really enjoyed it. :)  And afterwards we all got coconuts.

So Hna. S. (the reactivated sister) has been working hard so that her whole family also listens to our message, so her son-in-law came to church for the 2nd time yesterday, and after church we went and visited them, and everyone was there!  Her husband, her son and daughter, the son-in-law, and her nephew who also wants to listen.  She has only been active for about 2 months now, and is already helping us out a lot.  

The only real bummer is that 2 couples we have been teaching, decided to seperate... the the person in the couple that wanted to get baptized, and will be getting baptized moved out of our area... but it is fine, the most important is that they get baptized. :) 

In other words, we finally had to drop an investigator Hna. R.  The sad thing is that she really knows that this church is true, she just isn't willing to come to church.. someday, she will know. 

We just got news today that we are going to visit FSY on wednesday!!!!! :)  If all goes well.... I might get to see my converts!!! :)

Have a great week!!! 
Hermana Zimmerman

this week we finally cut our front lawn.. it was getting pretty bad. 
I just got my itinerary for when I am getting home... WHAT?!
 coconuts we handed out after the activity.
 the whole crew!  -pilots, actors of the kingdoms of glory, and the aeromosas (? sorry, the word in english has left me..)
your ministering angels to visit the kingdoms of glory. :)
cutting our lawn!! :D


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