Tuesday, July 28, 2015


First off, I am terrible coming up with subjects for my letters.. But anyway..

HEY!  This week was a week where to be honest we didn't have hardly any time to work which was disappointing, literally about one full day to work, because we went to FSY!!!!!!!!!!, had interviews, preparation day, and on our weekly planning day we got totally lost because we didn't eat in our area.... (same ward, but this ward is big).  
Here are a few random stories or miracles I was able to see this week.

1-Hna. S (now active member)- ever since we found her she has been reading the Book of Mormon and reading the Ensign (or here in Mexico la Liahona) and she told us about how for a long time she was looking for the truth, but didn't know where to find it.  Until my comp and I talked to her!  That made me think of the statement in PMG (there are many who are looking for the truth, but don't know where to find it)..-true statement.

2-We contacted her husband (of Hna. S) last week with her whole family, and this past sunday we went and taught them again!  The first time I went on splits, and taught the Restoration.  At the end as I invited the husband Hno. J. to be baptized he basically rejected it... well 'if he received an answer' and also rejected coming to church the next sunday (or yesterday) because of soccer.  Anyway, yesterday at church, you wouldn't have guessed who showed up in sunday dress- HNO. J!!!  I asked Hna. S. how she got her husband to come to church, and she said that he surprised her.  Usually he leaves at 8 a.m. to go to soccer, but he got up at 11, and starting getting ready.  His wife asked him where he was going and he said 'to church!'  He stayed the whole time, and after we asked how he liked it, and everything went well. Even though he told my comp 'it's your fault I am here today.' ;)  Later when we went to visit him, his wife and another investigators who is friends of Hna. S. (and has been listening to us for about 2 months.) we saw another miracle.  The whole lesson i felt the spirit very strongly, and felt the need to invite him to be baptized again, so my comp felt the same impression, and invited him and he accepted, with a date as well!!! It went soo well, I know it only came from the spirit, and the faith and prayers of his wife.  He told us 'I went to church today with the intention to stay'.  It was one of the most powerful lessons of my mission... After our other investigator also accepted a new baptismal date...  wow :) 

Then, like I said in my last email WE WENT TO FSY!!!!!!!  On wednesday, I was seriously sooo happy... When I had left my last area I had to say goodbye to a family we had been teaching, and then got baptized while I was here in Guad.  But I saw them there at FSY!  To explain a bit...

The youth were already in a big room.. and had an introduction to missionary work from my mission presidents, and then they started singing  'called to serve' and on the 3rd verse we walked in with our companionships singing as well.  After we sang 'the Army of Helaman' and it was soo powerful.. many were crying.  After as we were dividing into groups within the first 5 minutes I felt a tap on my shoulder and it was one of my converts from Lazaro!!!!! He and his sister were there and I can't even explain it... but it made me miss them a whole lot, but made me so happy that there family is still going to church.  

At FSY we learned how to teach the Restoration in 7 minutes using the pamphlets, it is now super useful because usually when we teach the restoration it takes at least 45 minutes, and the investigators don't understand that well.  But with this new method, we can teach a lot clearer, and shorter!  We taught a few members this past week this lesson, and a family that has been less active for a while came to church yesterday! 

Yesterday, because a lot of the youth from our ward went to FSY, in sacrament meeting they all shared their testimonies.  And basically all of them want to go on missions now, and want to share the gospel.  I also got to see a lot of other youth from my other areas, and I am just really grateful I got to go, because not all of the missionaries here in Guadalajara got to go.  

Also, one of our investigators is sharing the gospel with her brother, and she said that he is usually really grumpy and not nice to people, but last monday he listened!!!! And that investigator is also changing a lot.  :)  Chain reaction.. 

Shout out to my dad- HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  :)  

that's about it... wooooo :)  love you all! have a great week!

Hermana Zimmerman
 this is a pic from FSY with all of the missionaries that went!! We had about 800 youth at FSY, and we were about 50 missionaries. :)
 photo from where we ate on thursday... pointing to my area
 photo from my area, showing where we ate... SO FAR AWAY, and up a hill.. but pretty view.
Eating pizza while waiting for interviews with Pte...


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