Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Goodbye Pres. and Sister Camarillo

Hi everyone!!!!
Ok, lots happened this week... here we go:

Last tuesday we had our last zone conference with Pte. and Sis. Camarillo and it was great.  We focused a lot on the book of mormon, how we need to use it in the work.  Also pte. asked all of us to sack out the BoM that we had brought with us, and only a few of us had them, luckily I was one of the few.  On a spiritual note-So.. you should always be prepared with a Book of Mormon in hand, because you never know when you are going to run into someone and the spirit tells you to give one to them.  I also focused a lot last week looking up and using scriptures in the BoM instead of the Bible, because really the BoM is the key to our religion, and the key to conversion.  I made a lesson plan about tithing with using onlyscriptures from the BoM and it turned out to be a great lesson.  
Bye presidente Camarillo... bienvenido Pte. Eggington!!! 

On saturday we had the batism of Hna. G!!! I know I've already talked about her.. but to refresh.. the first saturday here we visited her daughter who is a recent convert of last year, and on sunday she came to church (hadn't been in a while) and brought her mom!  When we visited her the next week she told us that last year she wasn't ready, but when we got there she knew it was now her time.  For all of her assignments she wrote a little summary, and wow.  She is the best.  After her baptism she grabbed my hand and told my comp and I- 'thank you so much for guiding me to this point.'  I felt soo... wonderful, and blessed.. and it was just a great feeling.  Also seeing her daughter give her a hug (who isn't baptized) and hearing them crying and saying how blessed they are and how happy they felt, and hopefully the daughter will have the opportunity to be baptized soon as well. 

After that we went to the temple!!!! WOOHOO!!! After 14 months of not going... no we couldn't enter, but being outside with our investigators and recent onvert and less actives, it was great.  

One of our investigators Hno. M. got sick last week, but was able to listen to the CD's we gave him of the Book of Mormon, and said he felt the spirit when he listened to them.  Last sunday he almost got asked to work but he told his friend, 'no, I will go to church.' 

I read 2 talks from gen. conf. that I want to invite you to read.. sorry I don't know what they are called in english, so look them up... 'Ser Genuinos' and 'La generacion mas grandiosa de jovenes adultos' or something like that... they are from the Priesthood Session.  Especially if you a serving a mission, want to serve, or have served, READ THEM!  They helped me a lot. 

Well today we receive our new president, I don't know when we will get to meet him, but I will miss Pte. Camarillo and his wife and daughter a lot... 

Yesterday was also a great day, we did 2 splits with members to cover appointments, and in the night our meetings got canceled.  So I went with the bishop's wife to visit a less active family that we hadn't met, and had a lesson  with the daughter who is 15 yrs. old (well, thursday..).  I can't explain much, but it was a powerful lesson.. with tears.. but tears are good. :)

I will finish with the questions that came in one of the talks, he explains that this is a personal invterview, so I invite you all to take this personal interview, and let it help you change anything that you feel that you lack, that you want to change, or even just to make yourself better than you already are.

  1. 1. 
    Do you search the scriptures regularly?
  2. 2. 
    Do you kneel in prayer to talk with your HeavenlyFather each morning and each night?
  3. 3. 
    Do you fast and donate fast offering each month—even if you are poor, struggling student who can’tafford to donate much?
  4. 4. 
    Do you think deeply about the Savior and Hisatoning sacrifice for you when you are asked toprepare, bless, pass, or partake of the sacrament?
  5. 5. 
    Do you attend your meetings and strive to keep theSabbath day holy?
  6. 6. 
    Are you honest at home, school, church, and work?
  7. 7. 
    Are you mentally and spiritually clean? Do youavoid viewing pornography or looking at websites,magazines, movies, or apps, including Tinder andSnapchat photos, that would embarrass you if yourparents, Church leaders, or the Savior Himself sawyou?
  8. 8. 
    Are you careful with your time—avoidinginappropriate technology and social media, includingvideo games, which can dull your spi itual sensitivity?
  9. 9. 
    Is there anything in your life you need to changeand fix, beginning tonight?
This next week are transfers... we will see what happens!  

love you all, have a great week!!!

Hermana Zimmerman
 Goodbye to Pres. and Sister Camarillo and their daughter (on the left) They will be missed!
 Silly faces :D
 Baptism of Hna. G!  And her daughter on the left. 
 Super happy- we made it to the temple!!!! 

pic in front of the temple with a few of the people we are teaching. :)

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