Monday, May 25, 2015


Hey everyone!

First off.. shout out to my sis because she just got home today!  yayy..... Attatched is a pic.  But for those who are at home make sure she doesn't go on a date until I get back... haha just kidding. :)

This week was great.  The work in a way is getting a little easier as I get to know more the people here, the area, and how to work.  We had a few great lessons with members, especially with a mom and her son who is 24.  But he has already read the bible, and we have him the Book of Mormon on wednesday, and by saturday he was already in Jacob. WOOT!  

We were able to visit an elderly couple investigators this week and they are just funny.  When we went to visit last week, the grandpa was walking with a cane.  But when we went on tuesday he was walking with a skip in his step and I just thought it was funny.. he went to church yesterday for the 2nd time, has a lot of questions and knows the bible really well.  It was fun teaching him because I could ask... 'we would like to share a scripture in John 3:16...' and he was repeat the scripture from memory.  So that is fun. 

We had so many plans so that our investigators would come to church yesterday, and about 6-7 said that they were going to be there.. but at the end only 1 showed up.  But we already have plans for next week. 

I am very grateful for this ward, and for the members and their help.  I know I have said this before, but the work will progress a ton in this area with the help of the members. 

News update... I cut my hair today.. that's about it.. 

Love you all, have a great week! 
Hermana Zimmerman

My Sis. Rachel returned from her mission today! :D

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