Monday, May 18, 2015


Hey everyone!  So this week was super great.

We had divisiones!! I got to be in my area with Hna. Enriquez (we were comps in Lazaro), but we got to stay in my area and had a lot of success!! We were able to find 3 new investigators, and the lessons with super well.  Then on Sunday two of them went to church on sunday. WOO! 

We had a cool experience when we went to visit a sister in the ward who for 2 years hasn't invited the sisters to come and eat because of some of the past missionaries... as of years.  But we were able to go with her and meet her kids.  We found out that she had cut her thumb, but was making cookies for Teacher's Day.  So we offered to help her, because I actually really like making cookies... and she accepted!  It was great talking to her, and as we left she offered us some of the cookies we had made, and then she said that she was going to note in the calendar to feed us.  

We went and visited a less active yesterday, and actually have a meeting to eat with her tomorrow.. :)  But it turned out super well, because She has been inactive for a super long time.  But we met her friend a few weeks ago who isn't a member and has had a really rough life.  Yesterday in the lesson she told us that she knew a lady who before was a bad person... but met someone who was Mormon, and now is completely a different person, and assists the chapel and she could see that the church changes lives.  So she wants to invite her friend to church so that she can also change.  

There are a few more stories.. but with these two I am good.  Haha, But right now I feel very blessed to be here in this ward.  The members are so kind and want to participate in the work.  I just feel like I sometimes can't control it all.. or better, utilize all of the priviledges this ward has.  But the area is getting better as my comp and I are meeting more people, and gaining the trust of the members.  

I hope you all have a great week!!!!

And shout out to my sis who finishes her mission this week.. YAY! :)  

Love you all!
Hermana Zimmerman
 DIVISIONES!!!  I got to be back with Hna. Enriquez. :)
 mi compañerita :)
Reunion with my comps!!! Today we had to go to the mission office for visas.. and I got to see my old comps, and the sisters from my generation. :)


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