Monday, May 11, 2015

New apartment :D

Hey everyone!
So shout out to all the mothers- happy mothers dad yesterday!!! I enjoyed talking to everyone.. well my family.  haha that was the best part.
This past week hasn't been too busy because we have had to spend a lot of time with the old house, finishing the contract and everything... and then looking and signing a new contract for the new house.  But everything is good!  Yay for a new house!
Today I was studying about personal revelation.  And in PMG it said a part that I would like to share... if I remember it well.  Basically it said that God loves us all as his children, and he wants the best for us.  Because He wants us to be happy he gave us the revelation, but the only way we can receieve this revelation, or the answers to our prayers is through our personal scripture study.  I know that for whatever situation we find ourselves in, if we read the scriptures, He will answer us. 
This next week should be pretty good.  Oh, and yesterday one of our investigators went to church with her husband and son, even though we couldn't visit her this week.  Woohoo!
Have a great week everyone!
Hermana Zimmerman
  My compa and all of our stuff outside of our new house...


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