Monday, February 2, 2015

Sigo.. translation (I follow)

Hi everyone!!
This week in Palmas was pretty good.  Well, this week could have gone a little bit better if more pepole had gone to church.. haha agency, but it did go well.  We did have 2 investigators at church, but they aren't married, so we are working so that they can get married soon. :)  
One of our investigators is doing really well though, and I am so happy that my comp and I get to teach her.  Hermana M., is a lady who we had talked with her in the streets, and offered our help.  She was really skeptical at first, but then she let us in, and all of the lessons so far have been great!  She is reading the Book of Mormon, has prayed to know that this church is true, and says that it is, the only problem is that because she babysits her grandkids on sunday it is hard for her to come to church.  But we are working on it. :)  She went to a baptism of the elders this past week and New Beginnings for the Young Women's program, and loved it all.  She will also be going to a Family Home Evening activity tonight so that is all exciting. :)  
This past week we also had our zone meeting, and that was great!! We reviewed our goals, and if we completed them (with our baptisms), and we didn't meet our goal. :/  So we did an activity where we had to blow up balloons as fast as we could, (before that we put a goal as to how many we could blow up), and then we blew them up in a minute, and were all able to complete our goals!  So we all raised our goals, and were able to blow up even more! (about 120 or so) in one minute, with all of the companionships.  So I learned more about how we have to have the drive and the energy to complete our goals. 

I hope that everyone is doing well, and have a great week! :)
Hermana Zimmerman
 I completed 10 months in the mission today!
Good ole sunset here in Lazaro. :)

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