Monday, February 16, 2015

Happy Valentines Day!

Feliz dia a todos. :)  
So this week I tried really hard to remember any cool experiences that I had that I could share... so here are a few of my experiences that have happened here in Lazaro this past week. 

First off, these past weeks my comp and I have been working with some of our newer investigators, and some that have been progressing, or have really good potential to progress. I have been really excited about a few of our investigators, but this past week things just kind of fell through.. not all the way, haha but we are working hard. 

On wednesday (i think..) we ended up walking a lot.  A lot of people weren't in their houses, and I have decided that I wasn't very happy, or more than anything grateful for the opportunity I have to serve.  Then close to the end of the night we passed by one of our investigators Hermano G., and we had to wait 20 minutes for him to finish what he was doing, and it was at the end of the day.. but then when he finished his project, he sat down, and we asked who he would like to give the opening prayer.  And he said, 'Ill do it.'  Totally serious, and gave a prayer that was super good!  (he NEVER likes to offer the prayer).  We also had a recent convert with us who is going to complete one year in April, and the lesson we were able to share ended up to be super good. The member was able to share his testimony about how scripture study has helped his life, and how he has changed his life to be a better father, and the lesson just ended up super good. :)  So I learned that I need to be more grateful for the lessons that I have had.. and the people that I do have to teach.  

THEN, here we go.  Friday the 13th, we kind of knew that something bad would happen this day.. It turns out this this past friday we had a zone conference with our mission president and the assistents.  We were informed before that it would start at 8-30 in the morning, and finish at 2.  Well, we were still in our house at 8-15 ready to leave when got a message from the STLs asking where we were at, because the meeting had already started.  Holy cow, we booked it from our house and arrived 30 minutes late... everyone was already there, and we were pretty embarrassed.  We didn't receive any message that had said when we had to be in the church, because it had changed so that we should have gotten there at 7-30, and the meeting started at 8 o clock.  But, in the end the meeting turned out really good.  We had the opportunity to invite members, and do practices with them, and we actually had about 25 members show up!! And 26 missionaries.  That was more members than any of the other conferences, so that was awesome. :)  

With that, today we also had our district activity!  We played soccer, and ate... but it was all super good. :)  

Hope you all have a great week! (and had a great Valentine's Day!)
Hermana Zimmerman

 Feliz Dia del Amor y la Amistad!! (Happy Valentine's Day) 
 We sent our missionary name tags with our district leader so that he could take a pic in the beach..:)  that is 15 minutes from my area.. Gracias a Elder Fonseca!
 another pic of the beach!
 District Activity - played soccer :D
District Activity!

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