Wednesday, January 7, 2015


Hola everyone,
Ok, so the work still progresses... haha this past week because of New Years Eve we had to be in our house at 7, instead of 9, but that all was well.  The same with Christmas, and Christmas Eve.  Woohoo!
The work continues here in Mexico.. Here in Lazaro I am learning lots, and am super grateful because this past month wasnt that hot.  Yay!  
I really dont have much to say.. but i was super happy because this sunday one of our investigators came to church, Hermano G.  He went to church once before, but with the work of his family, and stuff he hasnt been able to come.  But he came yesterday, so that was great!  
Right now we are in the process of changing our house, because.. well of a few things.  So I am hoping that everything goes well and we can change houses this week.  I felt a little funny though, because we had to go House Hunting, and had to make sure the houses we were looking at were clean, and basically I felt like an adult.  Haha, I guess that really is something that I can apply for when I get back from the mission if I ever have to buy a house.  :)
I also completed 9 months this past week, so Im now on the countdown!!! Pretty weird. :)
We also had our Zone Meeting, and talked a lot about what changes we need to make here in the mission.  It helped me renew my energy, and I am now recharged and ready to continue the work. 

Love you all, and wish you a happy new year!!!

Hermana Zimmerman
-COMPLETED 9 MONTHS IN THE MISSION! the first half is over.

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