Monday, January 12, 2015

Feliz Dia de Reyes!!‏

Hey everyone!! :)  I hope everyone is doing well.

This week we didn't have much time to work but....
WE CHANGED HOUSES!!! We were able to find a house, that is very beautiful, and we like it a lot, and our neighbor's sell hamburgers,so maybe one night we are going to try them. :)
We also had interviews with our mission president, so that was good also. He is a great man, and his wife, and they will actually be leaving in July :(  We just received a picture of our new mission president and his wife, which I am excited to meet them, but it will be sad to see Presidente Camarrillo go. 

This week was great because WE FOUND A FAMILY!!!  We had talked with a mom a few weeks ago, and she said she had had the missionaries at her house before, then a few weeks later we ran into her son, and we invited them to an activity last week, and the son said 'oh, right now I don't have money to go, but if you tell me with time, I will go.'  So of course, we had to visit them.  This last week we went to visit them, and all of them accepted Baptism Dates!!! :)  2 of them don't live in our area, but the 4 that do, we visited them later that week.  What was even cooler, was that in our fist visit we left a phamphlet about the Restoration, and on the back is a pic of the Book of Mormon, so the boy (13 years old) asked if he could have that book, so we gave him a copy, and when we went for the second visit he had already read the Introduction, Joseph Smith's testimony, and more until the first chapter of Nephi. :)  WOOHOO!!  Then we set plans to go with them to church, so we went with them early, and they were all ready and prepared, and it was all great. :)  YAY!!!!!!  
What was even greater is that lately we have been having a lot of instruction from our leaders on how to teach, and a few weeks ago we had a conference with Elder Pieper, about how we can help our investigators be self-sufficient.  So we put into practice what we learned, and the family is progressing. :)  

Love you all tons, 
Hermana Zimmerman :)
 reparting la rosca, with my district! :) DIA DE REYES (King's Day)here they celbrate 'dia de reyes', King's day, (when the kings or wise men went to jerusalem to bring the gifts to jesus, its celebrated here more than christmas.  and they eat a 'rosca', and inside are little babies.. (baby jesus), and if you get one, you have to bring tamales February 2. :) 
 Another Rosca with some members.:)
 I hope this piece has a baby Jesus :D
 Cleaning our apt. Haley style:D
my comp and i after we finished cleaning last monday.. :) 
Pizza with just about everything on it. 

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