Monday, January 19, 2015


Hey everyone!

This week was pretty great.  The best thing I think was the work with the members!!!
Here in the mission we all have goals, and goal for lessons with the members is 14 every week (and 0 without a member), I have had a hard time meeting this goal for my entire mission,  but this week we had 11 lessons with members, and 0 without!!!WOOHOO!  So that was pretty great. :)  

This week we also have been working with some less actives that we found, and one of them is 22 years old.  In our lesson last week my comp started talking about how he could go on a mission (they have been less active for about 8 years..) and he said he wants to go!!! So we are going to be working lots with him, and try to get him to come to church.  

We have also been working a lot with some investigators that we have been teaching since before I got here, and this week the mom went to church with us!!!! WOOHOO!!!!! Her husband has been about 3 times, and likes the church a lot, but the mom never went.  So we will be working super hard with them so that they keep coming to church, and that we can baptize them in this transfer. Speaking of which... 

I'M STAYING IN PALMAS!!!! YAYA!!!! :) We got our calls yesterday, and my comp and I are staying in Palmas!! That means that she will 'die' here (figuratively) because this is her last transfer.  So most likely I will be here for about 3 more months.  I am actually pretty happy to stay here, :)  

Hope you all have a great week, and miss you all!!

Hermana Zimmerman
 A little girl in our ward got baptized this last saturday :)
 my little buddy Hermanita K. :) I did her hair so that we could be twinners.
 members in our ward ;D
 more ward member I love :)
 a few weeks ago we made oreo truffles (i taught them) with some members in the ward :)
 happy new years!
me with 4 chocolate bananas.....


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