Monday, November 17, 2014

Semanas.. de Trabajo.‏

Muy buenas tardes a todos.
Estoy aqui.. haha I'll just get to it..
So this week I feel a little bad for our numbers.. but there is always room to improve.
Last week we had a special training for the leaders in the mission, but because my zone is the furthest from Guadalajara, our President decided that it would be more efficient to have them come to Lazaro, and teach our entire zone.  So it was pretty great, and I really learned a LOT.  We learned how to study more effectively, did a lot of practices- how we need to present and study the BoM, we practiced teaching the Creation, Fall of Adam and Even.. the Apostacy.. and it was all really great.  
We also had 2 sisters stay with us for two days, Hermanas Velluto and Rodriguez who are in Zihuatanejo.  It was really great staying with them, we had a few good chats in our house and went on divisions on thursday to make up more time. :) And I didn't get lost with my 3 weeks here!  haha. 
On Saturday the elders had another baptism, so we went and one of our investigators who has been listening to the missionaries for a really long time went!!  So that was really great, and she is now preparing for her baptism in a few weeks, I really hope all will go well. 

My ward here really is so great.  The people are always so welcoming and willing to work, and this week we have a few plans so that the hermanas can accompany us!  

I don't really have much else to say... but the work is progressing, I am learning more about how to be a better missionary, this ward will increase soon, we are all working hard, and... I'm gaining weight.  haha i need to work on that. 

News, last week or as of 2 weeks our Mission President decided that we can now have district-zone activities!!!!! the other district in my zone lives pretty far away, so we only had a district activity, but it wa pretty fun, and we all ate super well. :)  #LongLiveLazaro

Hermana Zimmerman
COKE!! In a bag. :)  #Mexico

 -DISTRICT ACTIVITY!!!! First one in 6 months. :)  We decided to all bring food and play volleyball.. you could say it was pretty successfull.  We had pizza, coke, Enchiladas rojos (my favorite here in mexico), quesadillas, moyete (bread with beans and cheese), and cake because it was our zone leaders birthdays today and last week). 
Sunsets here in Lazaro are really the best! 
 My Companion and Hermana Rodrigez
 In front of the church here in Lazaro
 this is how you kill a chicken..
So there's a flea market in my area every monday... so it's pretty great. :)


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