Monday, November 3, 2014

Buenas tardes! :)

Buenas tardes!  :)
So this past week in my new area has been pretty different from Morelia.  Few differences are-
1-Lots of people aren't married.
2-The streets are new or something, and the people don't know what street they live on, and because the houses don't have numbers.
4-Heat and Humidity.
Ok, so this past week we have been working to find more people to teach, and all the stuff that missionaries do, and it turns out the these 4 things are very true down here in Lazaro.  BUT, the ward here is great, and the members are so nice, and are some really great sisters who are willing to accompany us, and all.  
This past weekend was Stake Conference!  Haha my 3rd one here in the mission, and our stake center is actually pretty small.  But we had one of the Seventy come (Elder Hugo Montoya) and we had another counselor of our mission president come as well.  The conference was really great, they talked a lot about the family, how we focus a lot in other things in our lives, instead of the things that are the most important.  Elder Montoya also shared an experience that he had with one of his sons that served a mission.  They went back to one of his areas, that was a pretty little city.  After they had visited everyone is was almost night time, but his son wanted to go visit one more of his converts, a woman who lived about 15 or 20 minutes outside of the city, and was a little house by itself. The dad had said asked why his son had come all the way out there to teach someone..  When they finally got there it was already dark, but they knocked on the door and there she was.  At first she didn't recognize the Elder (not in his shirt and tie) but he said 'I'm Elder so-and-so', and she exclaimed, 'Oh, my son!'  and they had a very sweet, tenderhearted chat.  With the sister just saying over and over again that the elder had changed her life, and how grateful she was that he had brought her the Gospel.  Before they left the woman gave them a jar of fresh fruit (this part I don't remember too well.. haha) but said that she had bought it fresh that morning, and wanted the elder to have it. 
That story just goes to show, that we really do have an impact on the lives of the people here.  And that the people really do remember the missionaries.  
Also, I had to play the piano in Stake Conference... haha it did not go as well as it should have, but I was asked basically the day or 2 before, and had only time to practice before it started... 
This past friday we also receieved a call from the elders in our ward, giving us a reference.  They have an investigator who will be baptized this Saturday, and his friend was also listening to them, but he lives in our area, so he wanted us to teach him.  So we now have one week to teach him everything before this Saturday...... I hope all goes well :)  Wish us luck!  
Oh, and we really don't eat fish a lot, it was just one time this week. 
Besides all that, the work is coming along, this area is very beautiful I love it, and I am excited to work some miracles here. Also, I completed 7 months yesterday, so that was pretty weird. 
Love you all! 
Hermana Zimmerman 
 'Poisson!'  jk, enspañol 'Pescado!'
 Kind of blurry.. but a pic from one of my areas.  :)  PALM TREES!
 Just a part of the ward, I'm pretty sure this is in the area of the Elders.. 
 After our Zone Meeting we had to stop by Walmart to grab some food to eat with the Hermanas from Zihuatanejo! (disclaimer-walmart isn't in my area).
Smoking Kills.. 

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