Monday, September 14, 2015

Almost there :D


first off- happy birthday shout out to my mom!! :)  

Ok, this past week was a great week for work.  We were able to start off contacting and focusing more on the less actives in the ward, and we were able to visit of ton of them and have some cool experiences with them.  For example on saturday we were able to visit a few families, and we shared a message with basically all of them about how the Gospel blesses our families.  And it really reminded me how blessed we all are to have the gospel in our lives.  Because maybe our families aren't perfect.  But God has blessed us with his teachings so that if we apply them (such as faith, prayer, respect... etc. (what it says in the Proclamation) )  we can really be happy here in our homes.  

Our super star investigator Hermana R. is doing great!  This week we finished teaching the commandments, and she told us that as of a few weeks ago she has already been paying her tithing. :)  And on sunday we had such a cool experience!!!  Like I said the temple in Mexico City was dedicated, so we went to the morning session, but afterward we went to our chapel at 12:30 to teach our investigator.  Well, I had been praying that we could have a member there with us, but the sister that we had invited sent us a message saying that she couldn't.  But- when we got to the church there was a brother there!  But he didn't want to stay so he left... BUT  then another man showed up saying that he had just moved into our area.  And then right after another sister showed up who hasn't been to church in a long time, and we told them both that there wasn't going to be church services, but they could accompany us in the lesson. :)  So they stayed and we had a great lesson!  Also, about 2 other whole families showed up, and 2 other less actives... it made me happy that they had been able to come, but then sad because church wasn't going to happen.. :/  darn it. But it was a huge blessing. 

Ever since we started the week looking and focusing more on less actives, they have been popping up out of nowhere!  We went to contact a reference on friday, and as we knocked on the door, in the apartment above us a man poked his head our and said 'elders!!!  When you are done come up and visit us!'  So we did, and it was a family tha had recently moved from another ward in the stake, and we were able to get to know them and share a message. :) After we explained that we weren't elders... but sisters..

Embarassng moment... on saturday we were running a little late and we saw the bus so we started running to catch it.  Well, the bus didn't stop so a whole group of people who were watching us yelled so we could get on.. maybe not that embarassing, just a little wierd. 

Yesterday as we went to contact another less active there was a dog that kept barking at us- and tried to pee on me!  Not cool.. good thing he missed. 

That's about it this week, but I just want to say that I am grateful for the gospel in my life, and for the opportunity to be here. 

Love you all, have a great week!
Hermana Zimmerman
 A family in the ward we visit. :)  
 our miracle visit yesterday at the chapel!  
 Some of my friends... :)  And Hermana R.! (on the right)
 our food yesterday... YUM.  Tacos durados
 con agua de melon con fresas.
It rained one night and my comp decided not to bring her umbrella... so trash bag it is!


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